How to get learners permit online in Ohio

Are you driving for the very first time? Then getting that learners permit online can be daunting and exhilarating simultaneously. This article will take you through the steps to get your Ohio learners permit with an additional focus on safety.

The Rules

Under Ohio DMV guidelines, you should be 14 years old or older to sign up and complete the drivers education learners permit course. You might not apply for your learners permit until your 15th birthday.

When you turn 15, you will be eligible to apply for a learner’s permit if you have completed the necessary driver education online mentioned above. You then should hold the learners permit license for at least 12 months before applying for a full license.

The Driving education course

All the first time drivers in the State of Ohio should take drivers education known as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse and Education course before applying for their learners permit. By getting enrolled in this course, the first time drivers learn how alcohol and other drugs affect their driving ability, responsibilities and laws, and how to enhance their awareness in the roadways.

Fortunately, this course is offered 100% online; hence you can take it utilizing your home computer. After completing the course, you will be certified to take the DMV Permit exam which is also available online.

Get ready for the Written DMV Exam

The DMV Permit Exam comprises of two written tests:

20 multiple choice questions regarding road signs.

20 multiple choice questions regarding the rules of the road.

All fresher drivers are inspired to study for this written test, so you don’t have to take the chance standing in line at the DMV office just to go empty-handed. The Ohio DMV handbook offers everything you require to know in order to pass the test. There you can log on and test your knowledge with user-friendly DMV prep exams.

Take the DMV permit exam

The DMV exam comprises of road signs and road rules written tests, and a hearing test. After passing the written test, you can take your certificate to the DMV office where you will complete the hearing and vision tests and offer the documents necessary to get your learner’s permit. Before you head towards the DMV, be sure you have all the following necessary documents to get your learners permit online.

Parent Consent Form, which should be signed in the presence of a driver’s license examiner or notarized if guardian or parent will not be present.

Social Security Number, if issued

One primary and secondary identification form, which should be certified or original.

DMV Exam waiver number(if you are elected to take the exam online)

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