How to choose the best caterers in Kolkata?

How to choose the best caterers in Kolkata?

Food is the most important element in the wedding and its something your guests will remember forever. People will talk about it, will relish and enjoy it only if it is delicious and perfectly served. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy catering company is a very responsible task.  In Kolkata, all popular Bengali cuisine may not be served by every caterer so for authentic Bengali food you need to find the best catering services in Kolkata. Many caterers are now available and they all swear by for their quality and services. But can you actually trust them?  In Kolkatta, the wedding itself is one huge occasion and many other things are going in your mind like wedding shopping, your wedding couture, traditions, the arrival of your relatives, their comfortable stay and a lot more. So if you choose the best caterers in Kolkata half of the wedding work is already done for you.

Most of the people have no idea how to select any catering company and what are the measures they should check. Because there is no set standard in any wedding so it always depends on one’s own imagination and personal choice. Catering is not only about food, but it is also about the style and services you want. Many caterers may provide you good food, but not up to the mark services. They may not serve the snacks and meal at the appropriate time difference. At the day of the wedding, you don’t want to keep a tab on caterers, it’s your big day and food is the last thing you should be worried about. So here are four tips to help you with how to choose good caterer in Kolkata.


  1. Authentic Cuisines: Bengali Food is known for authentic preparation and spices they use, and best caterers in Kolkata must know about the authentic dishes. Their specialty must include Bengal special food. If their serving North Indian or South Indian food your guests may not like it. Ask for their menu, check if they have all your favorite dishes in it.
  2. Prices: Best catering services in Kolkata may cost you a bit, so if you have a good budget you can easily find good caterers in Kolkata. Everything that is high-priced is not always good, so you must not judge the quality with price.
  3. Online reviews: Like every other thing, catering services also have online reviews and you can check them before you book any services. Online reviews will also give you broad idea about their services, signature dishes, and best-cooked dishes as well.
  4. Years of experience: If a company is providing catering services in Kolkata for many years it means they have served many people and they know their work. With years of experience, they will put their best foot forward and their services and waiters will not give you any chance of complaint. It is a safe bet to go with an experienced company, but if you choose a new company, they will offer modern services and will bring new elements in catering. New catering companies will offer a new menu with some continental mix which may impress your relatives.

So when planning your wedding or any other wedding in your family use these tips and choose the best caterers in Kolkata. Once your venue is final, you can start looking for good caterers in Kolkata. Book them in advance to avoid competition for your dates.

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