How Can Yoga Help in Cerebral Palsy Treatment?

What really is Cerebral Palsy? It is the term used for a group of non-progressive disorders of movement and posture caused by abnormal development of, or damage to, motor control centers of the brain. It causes involuntary or uncontrolled movement due to abnormal function of the cerebral cortex. Cerebral Palsy is more accurately considered a description of a broad but defined group of neurological and physical problems.

Since there is no established cure for this disorder, there are different types of treatments or therapies, which are help in reducing the pain and help in muscular movement in the limbs. Various alternative treatments are being tried and preferred without having to use medications that have side effects.
Yoga has gained immense popularity as one such therapy. It provides significant benefits in cerebral palsy as it helps in improved muscle tone, flexibility, strength and coordination. It also relaxes the mind.

Children or youth with Cerebral Palsy can reap the rewards of regular yoga practice with a trained professional as Yoga improves both high and low muscle tone problems, characteristic in children or youth with Cerebral Palsy. Pranayama and yoga asanas can be very beneficial. Performing an asana and holding that position even for a few seconds gives the muscles and tendons a relaxing stretch, releasing overall stress and tightness throughout the musculature and around the joints. In addition, yoga addresses the low muscle tone areas of the body as well, with asanas that provide just enough resistance to strengthen muscles that have low tonicity. Another important benefit of yoga is that it stretches and realigns the spine. The scientifically designed series of yoga stretches and counter-stretches helps to create more space between the vertebrae and reduce pressure on the disks and nerves that radiate out of the spine. Reducing the pressure on these nerves facilitates the release of muscular tension throughout the body and enhances overall nerve function. As a result, the child or youth with Cerebral Palsy is able to develop a greater range of movement and coordination, as well as greater independence over a period and eventually, being able to take care of their own personal work like getting dressed for school, brushing and washing themselves etc.

Adapted or adaptive yoga, which is a modified method of yoga, uses props like chairs, walls, therapy tables, pillows, etc. to assist people with varying degrees of ability to practice breathing and hold poses for several minutes. It is gaining popularity due to additional stability it provides.

It is the need of hour to create more awareness among people about cerebral palsy Treatment in India and benefits of Yoga. Finding the right instructor is a big piece of the puzzle and we can help you connect with them!

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