Himachal Tourism Destinations

Kasol is a little town in Parvati Valley of Kullu locale and is arranged at an elevation of 1640 m over the ocean level.

Kasol is a beautiful town with customary wooden houses having inclined stone rooftops. It is additionally the base for a few well known trekking trails in Himachal state. The place is specked with little plantations of apple, plum, peaches, pears, apricot and almonds. A mountain stream called Grahan Nallah separates the town into two sections. This stream streams into Parvati River.

Kasol is a most loved traveler goal particularly for Israelis. A large number of Israelis visit this area consistently and remain for quite a long time. Frequented by visitors and flower children, Kasol has everything from Reggae Bars to Internet Cafes and shabby visitor houses. Kasol is a perfect goal for explorers, trekkers and nature devotees because of its beautiful magnificence, untouched mountains and incredible atmosphere consistently. It is an essential base for trekking towards SarPass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati Pass and Kheer Ganga.

The Parvati River overflows with trout angle and is the ideal place for calculating. Be that as it may, consent from timberland division is required for trout angling in the stream. Parvati River at Kasol is likewise perfect for wilderness boating.

Kasol is additionally base for trekking trails like Kasol - Malana Trek, Kasol - Kheer Ganga Trek or Kasol to Tosh. Trek to Kheer Ganga will begin from Barsheni which is 15 km from Kasol Kheer Ganga is around 11 km from here by trek, which is generally done as a two day trip. Malana is well known for its unmistakable culture and the sanctuary of Jamlu Devta. Malana town is around 5 - 6 hours of trek far from Kasol. Employing a neighborhood manage is the most ideal approach to appreciate the trek. Trekking to Tosh additionally begins from Barsheni which is around 5 km away and takes around 3-4 hours one

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