Hero Super Splendor Review

Hero has taken a considerable amount of time to refresh its 100-125cc motorcycle segment and it has done so by introducing three new models, one of which we have here with us – the Super Splendor. In terms of styling, the Super Splendor remains pretty much similar to its predecessor albeit some cosmetic changes which are distinctly noticeable, like a new seat design, a wider rear tyre and changed graphics. Some improvements come in the form of a new AHO (Auto Headlamp On) feature, added storage capacity under the seat and an additional storage compartment below the fuel tank. This new model will be launched in 5 paint schemes.

In terms of power, it is still fitted with a 125cc single-cylinder power unit producing 11.4bhp and 11Nm of torque. The outputs, however, are marginally higher than those of the previous model, thanks to some tuning tweaks. The bike will also come fitted with Hero’s i3s start-stop technology. On the whole, the Super Splendor offers a decent, largely vibration-free city ride with improved smoothness and power delivery at higher revs.

During our test on some of the best and the worst roads near our office, the bike put on a pretty good show in terms of providing a supple ride, thanks to a sorted suspension setup. What particularly caught our attention was the comfortable seating position on offer, irrespective of the rider’s height. Couple this with a refined engine and the Super Splendor delivers on its objective of being a commuter flawlessly.

The only problem area we found on the bike was the weak and almost non-existent braking. The reason for this glaring problem is the fact that the Super Splendor still comes fitted with drum brakes, both at the front and rear. As a result, no matter how hard you press the brake lever, the brakes will take their own sweet time to slow down the bike. So, one needs to be cautious at high speeds.

Overall, the Super Splendor is still more than capable of being the reigning king of the commuter bikes in India and we are certain that it can hold its coveted place for a few more years. With the addition of some new-age features and improved smoothness, the Super Splendor can safely remain the best-selling motorcycle in the country. Do read our in-depth review of the Hero Super Splendor to find out more about it.

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