Fun in-house activities to improve your child’s vision

Fun in-house activities to improve your child’s vision

You and we all will accept that the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the tables for our children and us. We have started staying home more prominently for our work, and our children have stopped going to school. We have started working from home, and our kids have begun studying online.

Every activity that we do during the day has its pros and cons. Do you agree?

While working from home has its advantages and disadvantages, studying online has its too. Working from home has reduced our productivity, speed, and efficiency. On the other hand, it has increased our working hours. 

Similarly, kids have started liking the online sessions, and on the other hand, they have started staying in front of screens for hours. Thus, they have started getting lethargic and begun facing eye problems.

Eye exercises for kids have been discussed several times in due course of time. But, it has started becoming repetitive, and kids have lost their interest in doing eye exercises. We as a parent, need to find some ways to keep their interest intact. 

To do so, I have listed some of the fun in-house activities which we may decide to opt for, to spice up our child’s day alongside their longer screen time. I was able to find these activities after reading several articles and after consulting several child specialists.

Fun in-house activities to improve your child’s vision

  • Start playing puzzles

Vision improvizes if your eyes are constantly moving as you move them during the eye exercises. While playing puzzles, your kid’s eyes will move between the targets and follow the moving targets. This activity will give their eyes the necessary movement after prolonged screen time. 

  • Focusing on static targets

Focusing on static targets will improve your child’s focus. You can take a pen or pencil and keep it in front of your kids’ eyes. Ask your child to focus on it. Now, slowly move it towards their eyes and again get it back to the original position. I know this is a funny task, but it will improve your kids’ focus and power of attention. 

  • Near-Far Fun Activity 

Often kids are asked to sit on the last bench of the class. It is pretty tricky for your kids to understand the text written on the blackboard. You can use a fun activity that I named a ‘near-far fun activity’ to train them. You can draw an object on a piece of paper, keep it at a far distance, just like a blackboard, and ask your child to draw the same object. This activity will test their vision and create an activity where they can improve their vision.

However, you can play games like Alphabet Ball, Pencil Movement, and Solving Mazes to keep them tied up with fun activities to improve your child’s vision.

Wrapping It Up

Though it is not necessary to include these activities in your child’s daily routine, it will help your child to improve their vision & focus. Additionally, it will spice up your relationship with your child.

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