Five Benefits of PVC Insulated Cables for Electrical House Wiring

Five Benefits of PVC Insulated Cables for Electrical House Wiring

PVC insulated cables are becoming popular for electrical house wiring and being applied in throughout the industry verticals as well. The wire has taken over the traditional and obsolete rubber insulated wires for wiring purposes in commercial and residential properties. PVC expandable to Polyvinyl Chloride along with insulation is used as sheathing and cushioning purpose. Not only it is reasonably priced but also have supple usage and highly durable.

There are several benefits of using these cables for home and commercial purpose. Mentioned below are some of the primary advantages of using PVC wires and cables for electrical house wiring.


The PVC insulated cables and wires like the other wires made of copper are robustly built and sturdy yet supple. The wire is rustproof, corrosion-resistant and offers dimensional precision. Though portable and lightweight, this type of wire resists abrasion and is ductile.

A pocket-friendly solution

A PVC is a type of plastic and used in pipes and many other industrial and consumer products. It is the thirst most manufactured plastic. And, the main benefit and reason for its popularity is the low cost. Some of the most common uses include toys, interior layer on several applications, false ceilings, toys, floorings, playground equipment and foam, among many others.

One of its popular forms available in the market is the PVC pipes made of plastic and vinyl. It is used in underground wrings, sewer pipelines, irrigational items and water systems, to name a few. It can easily hold up against alkali, heat, ozone, acids, solvents and water etc.

PVC insulated cables and wires are non-conductive material that provides high resistance to electric current. The insulation protects the cable/ wire from the exterior. It is because of the insulation that the wire gets protection from getting in contact with other conductors, controls electric leakage and keeps it away from environmental pressures.

Safe to use

Yet another reason for its wide usage is its shock absorbing capabilities. It is resistant to heat, flames, water, moisture thus highly dependable type of cable or wire. The product is tested multiple times for quality and safety by qualified and trained professionals before being released into the market. It is used extensively in all types of kitchen appliances and gadgets. It is also safe for food products and medicinal use as it is non-toxic and odourless. Thus, these wires are nowadays the most preferred choice by the manufacturing units in different types of industries.


These are flexible wires and can be easily molded into any shape. If you need a product in bulk quantities, you can get it customized into any size and shape that best suits your business. If the order is in bulk, getting it made becomes more cost-effective. As they are easy to use, they are applied on a large scale in household goods. The PVC insulated cables are used in the manufacturing of commercial products including power transformers, panel boards, control cables and electric motors.

High Flexibility

One of the main reasons why most consumers and manufacturers prefer using the PVC insulated cables for electrical house wiring is because of its versatility. They are easy to modify with lubricants, plasticizers and similar, and recyclable. They are durable and last for many years.  Several manufacturers who consider it indestructible owing to its strength.

There are several other benefits that make these wires an ideal choice for electrical house wiring. you can buy the best quality PVC insulated Cables from StandardElectricals, one of India’s leading and renowned electrical goods and appliances manufacturing company.   So, ensure the security and safety of your home by installing the quality PVC insulated cables.

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