Family Travel Tips: X Best Things To Do In Sheerness, Kent

With the number of caravan parks in Kent, you might be having a tough time trying to plan for your next family trip. Sometimes, you might be tempted to fill your to-do list right up to the brim just to experience every single place that Sheerness, Kent has to offer. Although this isn’t quite a bad idea if you have a lot of time on your hands, that simply isn’t always the case. Knowing where to go to and what the best things are to do while in Sheerness, Kent can help you prioritize which activities you should do first.

1. Visit Garrison Point Fort

The Garrison Point Fort was finished around 1872 and has served as an artillery fort. The structure is incredibly unique and has stood the test of time thanks to its stable usage of concrete, bricks, and granite. It definitely is a sight to see and a place to experience whenever you are in the area.

2. Sheerness Heritage Centre

The Sheerness Heritage Centre is the hub for everything that you could possibly experience in Sheerness, Kent. It is the best place to go to if you are looking to immerse yourself together with the locals and experience what they experience on a day to day basis.

3. Hythe Sound Mirror

The Hythe Sound Mirror is a great place to add to your itineraries if you are in Sheerness, Kent. It is an entirely unique experience that you and your family should definitely go for. By comparison to other destinations around it, it isn’t a popular area which means that you will be able to fully experience it without having to be hassled by the number of people.

4. Golden Leas Holiday Park

The Golden Leas caravan park Sheerness has 22 acres of parkland located outside the village of Minster. If you are looking to own a holiday home, then it is your destination. There is a heated swimming pool located outdoor and a fun children’s playground for your little ones. Definitely one of the top caravan parks in Kent.

5. The Hop Farm Family Park

The Hop Farm is one of the most versatile parks within the area. It has a variety of restaurants that you can go to with picnics being allowed as well. The place is wheelchair and pushchair friendly and there are also disabled toilets available. There are rides and even a 4D cinema which are great amenities for the whole family.

6. Dreamland

When looking for an attraction, it is important that people of all ages can enjoy the place. That’s what makes Dreamland stand out from a lot of places. Not only will the younger members of the family enjoy, but the elders as well. While the kids are going around having fun from the merry-go-rounds, the adults can take it back to the retro days by going at the roller room to enjoy a disco session.

Why fly abroad or go to hotels when you can enjoy the British countryside with your family. Go local and introduce your kids to the beauty of nature and family bonding activities.
Golden Leas is a caravan park Sheerness where you can enjoy exploring the British countryside. Forget hotels or flying abroad and check out caravan parks in Kent today!

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