Explore Majestic Dubai with Long-Term Tourist Visa

Explore Majestic Dubai with Long-Term Tourist Visa

Boasting of world-class infrastructure, enticing artificial island on the coast of Dubai, glimmering beauty, vibrant nightlife, audacious city life, Dubai has turned to be a burgeoning metropolis and is synonymous to extravagance. This oasis in the middle-east situated amidst desert, is a top-notch for every globe-trotter. Every year, Dubai welcomes million of travelers from all around the world and entices them with its magnificent beauty. Tourists are flocking to explore the hidden gem of this city and amazingly Dubai has a never-ending aura and alluring ambience to treat its guests.

The UAE government offers different types of visa to individuals who wish to enter the country. The type of visa you may require depends on the purpose of your visit. The different types of visas are- tourist visa, transit visa, business visa, work visa, resident visa. Moreover, if you apply for a tourist visa, it offers you extensive options of visa that allows you to stay in UAE for a specific period of time.

  • 14 day tourist visa: It entitles you to stay in Dubai for maximum 14 days and the visa is valid for only two months. 14 days is an ideal time to explore most of the city.
  • 30 day tourist visa: This visa is designed for those, who wishes to spend some quality in this city and wants to explore it thoroughly. One month is enough time to explore the other cities of UAE too and individuals need to complete the travel within 60 days of their visit.
  • 90 day tourist visa: This visa allows you to stay in UAE for maximum 3 months and is applied by those, who wish to spend some quality time with their family residing in UAE.

Documents required to apply for Dubai tourist visa

  • The scanned copy of passport depicting your nationality, which must consists of 6 months of validity. Applicants must provide the first and last page of their passport and the scanned copy should be colored.
  • Applicants need to fill-up the visa application form accurately and must provide the true and genuine information about himself, for any discrepancies could result rejection.
  • The application should be supported with a recent colored photograph of the applicant.
  • Bank statement of 6 months, which must show you have sufficient bank balance to bear the trip in UAE without any financial crisis.
  • Having documents on your travel itinerary can be beneficial as it will show the purpose of your visit genuine and the return flight ticket will let them understand you are going to make a comeback before the validity of the visa could expire

Well, you need a sponsor to apply for a visa to Dubai. Either it will be a relative or a family, who are residing in Dubai, or your Dubai tourist visa agent. In case, you don’t have any friends and family anywhere in UAE, you can seek assistance from Dubai visa assistance in Delhi.

The fee for a tourist visa might vary depending on which visa consultancy you have approached. In general, the fee you have to pay for a tourist visa is within 6000 to 45,000 depending on the validity of your visa.

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