Everything you need to know about developing a software

Software is a set of instructions or programs used for operating electronic devices to execute specific tasks. Developing a software is not a child’s game. It is a highly complex job requiring great knowledge, skill and expertise.

The complexities of the processes involved in software development are massively increasing day-by-day due to reasons like advancements in the IT industry, frequent upgradation in development tools, increase in the number and possibilities of cyber security threats etc. Hence, if you are a developer, then given below is a set of checklist that you must be acquainted with to be best at your job!

Deciding on the subject matter of the software: The first and foremost step for developing any software is to know what software to create. The subject matter and the purpose of the software have to be crisp and clear. The subject matter of a software will vary from business to business. Sometimes, it also depends on the output that the developer is expecting to receive from it.If you want to develop a custom software as a service (say custom accounting software), you should consult an accountant for the required accounting knowledge unless you possess the requisite knowledge yourself. It is a common practice adopted by many Custom software development company.

Knowing the programming language: Every software developer or Software design company must be expert in the programming language. It is the language used in software development. Developers should posses the skill of writing standard and readable programming codes, which shall be able to give a clear description of the subject matter. If you want to develop softwares on your own, you first need to learn the programming language unless you are outsourcing the services to experts. Only learning is not enough, you have to be good at it. Unless and until you possess good programming skills, you cannot be a good developer.

Re-using libraries: In software development field, library means pre prepared codes and data for specific features which can be used while developing new software without preparing it from scratch. This saves a whole lot of time and money. By before using the library, it is advised to have proper knowledge about the same.

Learning the Script language

Script language is a programming language, which supports scripts. The difference between coding and scripting is that, scripting is a type of coding. Scripting helps in the automation of different processes, which otherwise have to be executed step-by-step by developers. Script language gives instructions to different programs that run on any computer. When there is a need of doing repetitive day-to-day tasks or routine software development stuffs, one should adopt the script language to enable faster execution.

Learning basic knowledge of handling database

A database is a systematic and organized collection of data in electronic devices. Storage, retrieval, management and manipulation of large amount of data becomeeasy with the help of databases. It is very important for every software developer to learn the knowledge of handling database and related database languages. This language is not essential while dealing with softwares that store no or low data. But, once you start dealing with softwares that store large amount of data, which have to be accessed from more than one device, then database language is mandatory. Otherwise you will have to keep looking for developers with the required knowledge. SQL, Oracle, NoSQL, DDL are a few types of database language.

Skill of using Development tools

The software development process involves the use of various software development tools to perform the task. The knowledge of using the suitable tools is very important for successful implementation of a software development project. Hence, it is essential for every developer to possess the skill of using different development tools. Some of the software development tools are SRS creating tools, IDEs to code, Editors to quick edit or prepare documentation, CLI, Compilers, Build system etc. Developers should try to familiar themselves with at least one tool, which will come handy in every process involved with the life cycle of the software.

Debugging: Debugging means removing the bugs. In simple terms, it is the process of identifying and resolving the defects which prevent or slow down the correct operation of electronic devices like computers, laptops etc. A person who is an expert in debugging generally possess high knowledge regarding software development as they learn many new and complex things related to the subject.

Defensive Programming

Defensive programming helps in the continuous functioning of softwareseven under unforeseen circumstances. Software applications are very much prone to cyber security threats and unwanted user inputs. Hence, making the software behave in a predictable manner despite any unexpected user action is very important. This can be achieved only through defensive programming. One must also take care of the fact that it doesn’t become overly defensive resulting in unnecessary performing errors or failures.

Version control systems

Version control systems are a category of software tools that help a software team to manage or make changes to source code over time. It also keeps a track of all the changes that are being made till date and retains every copy of the file. Version control systems protect source code from accidental damages or modifications. Hence, version software control system is an essential tool for a developer. This tool is being used by some of the Best Website Development Company and other software development companies as their development team consists of large number of personnel.

Participating in programming forums: There are a various online programming forums available on the Internet, where thousands of people talk and discuss about different topics related to software development. They not only will help you in learning but sometimes also might help you in finding a solution to your software related problems. Although such participation is not mandatory but yet highly recommended for learning purpose. After all, software development is a continuous learning process!

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