Elements of sound Graphic Design

Graphic design is also known as communication design and is the art of presenting ideas with visual content. Graphic design is often confused with illustration; the difference between the two is that while an illustrator creates a picture which relates to an idea, a designer puts together illustrations, images and graphics in a certain order to communicate an idea. A graphic designer thinks about all elements of a design along with how that design will interact in the environment it is being made to function in. Some of the best graphic design courses in India enable their students to make designs that are instantly recognizable.

Good graphic design is one that can be experienced fully. Motion graphics, for example, are made to be experienced over a fixed period of time, for instance a video on the internet explaining a concept or end credits of a movie. Motion graphics and videography are not to be confused as the same thing. Motion graphics are an amalgamation of videography, typography and animation for the purpose of communicating an idea with time and space constraints.

The following are key elements to making good design -

1) Line

This element can be used for emphasis on a certain part of the design, showing connections or making patterns.

2) Space

The area surrounding the elements that constitute a design is called space. It is crucial in making a graphic design great. Space is used for expressing information about the design. If used well, space should ideally give direction to the eye as to how it should observe the design.

3) Color

Color is used to signify emotion, strengthen branding, and evoke a feeling from the audience viewing the design.

4) Texture

This element refers to the surface of the object being designed. Texture adds depth to a design and creates visual interest.

5) Size

The size of an object in design signifies its importance, calls attention to the object and can even be used for contrast building.

6) Shape

There are three fundamental shape types in design:
I. Geometric (Circle, Triangle, Squares etc.)
II. Natural (Leaves, People etc.)
III. Abstract (Icons, Graphic Representations etc.)

7) Value

The qualities of areas being light and dark in a design are depicted by its value. Using value well helps the design to convey depth and importance.

If you are a design student in India, looking to deepen your learning experience, making the above elements of good design a major focus can help achieve your goals.

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