Designer Swimwear and Body Types

Ah, designer swimwear! Where would we be without those beautiful beach creations that inspire us to hit the gym and stay fit?  While a level of fitness goes a very long way to looking amazing in a swimsuit, choosing a designer that creates for your body type is just as important. Fortunately, there are some designers that create to flatter many different body types.

Nicolita is a sexy Cuban brand that is designed for the woman with curves. Large breasts, shapely behinds, defined waists – the woman that wears Nicolita is the woman that has all the elements that make a Latin woman’s body so sexy. Shoppers looking for designer swimwear should choose Nicolita if they are looking for something sensuous to show off their best assets. Nicolita would work well on Jennifer Lopez’s body.

The bikinis of Agua Bendita are perfectly suited for the ectomorph.  The female ectomorph is characterized by a long and lean body, flat abdomen, small breasts and little curve at the waist. These naturally slim beauties often seek designer swimwear that gives the illusion of curves. Auga Bendita’s designs work well on the ectomorph figure as the low rise bottoms sit nicely on the flat stomach and the designs of the tops emphasize and enhance the bust. Auga Bendita would work well for Nicole Kidman.

Sauvage is the luxury brand of designer swimwear for the woman with the average body.  This woman is not too thin, nor is she carrying an excess of weight.  She has curves but they are not as obvious as Kim Kardashian’s. She has a good body but wishes to accentuate parts of it while drawing attention away from other parts. This is a woman that looks amazing in Sauvage swimwear. Sauvage carries a line of luxury for every body. Bandeau tops, one-piece, cut outs, low rider bottoms, full coverage bottoms, halter tops, tie backs – whatever you need to look good in a swimsuit, Sauvage has it. Classy Dita Von Teese would look amazing in Sauvage.

That brings us to another luxury designer swimwear brand: Maaji.  Maaji is similar to Sauvage in that they design for a very wide variety of body types, but that is where the similarities end. While choosing a brand that creates for your body type is very important, one must not neglect the personality.  The personality is part of the body and as of such, should be treated as an extension of the body. While Sauvage is for the calm, cool and collected diva that arrived at the beach in a limo and dines on caviar in her cabana, Maaji is for the fun, flirty girl that chases waves licks her fingers after eating an ice cream cone.  Maaji would look great on Sienna Miller.

Wearing designer swimwear means wearing a high-quality garment that makes you look and feel your best.  By relying on the designers that have taken careful note to accommodate the many different body types of women, you can find swimwear that not only works for your unique shape, but that works for your personality as well.


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