Dance To The Beat of a Different Drum

In the world of hip hop and rap, the beat is everything. Drums, rhythm, percussion - every element contributes to the beat, and the beat is imperative to support the poetry of rap or the movement of hip hop dance. If you are a rapper and you're trying to get your lyrics heard but you don't have a band or mix master behind you, then you've got to get the musical beats you need to create a whole piece of work. That's where Grizzly Beatz comes in - just where you need it most.

Grizzly Beatz provides musical beat backgrounds that can be used as layers under voice over recording. There are hundreds of musical beats recordings available with different genres, moods, speeds, instrumentation, background singer participation, and more that you can choose from - the selection is astounding and so widely varied you are sure to find the musical and instrumental background you are looking for to showcase your work. Whether you are a rapper, lyricist, or radio DJ looking to back voiceovers, you'll find what you want at Grizzly Beatz.

With the different levels of licensing available, as well, you can Buy Hip Hop Beats and stay within your production parameters and budget - there is literally something for everyone at every level of the business from individual musicians who need to keep costs low and need one beat track for their song to those who want a little more leeway on their profit margin and have a bit more in their budget to industry specialists who can purchase an exclusive licensing lease that cannot be used elsewhere from the time of purchase. The beats tracks are supplied in MP3/Wave/Trackouts formats, and right now if you buy one beat track license, you get five more for free at the same level.

You can also buy beats online with sound kits from Grizzly Beatz with hundreds of sounds you can put together in any way you want to create your own beats from scratch. There are two kits available - the Boom Bap Kit and the 808 Mafia Trap Kit. Each version gives you different levels of instrumentation, clapping, and percussion to fit together for your creativity to play with in making your music.

When you've got some tracks put together, and you're ready to take them to the next level, you might feel like they're missing that certain something that makes the best tracks stand out when being reviewed. It is very likely that they are missing something and that is mastering. The art of mastering sound tracks is multi-layered and complex, taking "raw" soundtracks and mixing them on a mastering soundboard until they are punched up and ready for the best listeners you could put them in front of for your musical future. Grizzly Beatz provides both one- and two-track mastering, providing you with finished, polished musical tracks where everything is melded together in the best possible way - a professional way that says you know what your music is all about and you're ready for prime time distribution.

Take your music to the next level with hip hop and rap beats tracks from from Grizzly Beatz and find out what your music can really sound like.
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