Crystal Reports Bursting – Do You Need A Patchwork Solution?

At a forum, a guy had asked this – “I want to split the Crystal Reports into several PDF files based on a group and send them separately to individual recipients. Is it possible to do it via VBA or MS Access?”

Well, the query was genuine from the guy who didn’t want to buy an “expensive third-party” tool. However, certain contributors came up with their suggestions about using and several others, but none came up with a concrete “patchwork” solution. In fact, the contributors raised a question about the credibility of such temporary methods. Others opined in the favor of buying a tool.

If you are a small or medium business who has a mammoth of report sending work by the month end, then you could be losing out on productivity and valuable time unless you have a relevant solution by your side. Indeed, the Crystal Reports have prevailed due to effective report generation with impeccable design and features, but the lack of a feature regarding their distribution gives rise to a problem.

What is the solution?

The solution is right here. Only the eyes need to scourge the Internet and find answers.

Needless to say that Crystal Reports bursting tools are popular these days. For offices, which have a traditional method of sending individual emails, the bursting tool is an imperative for them. We come with the same thoughts for you. Remember, the aforementioned forum discussion that led to questioning the patchwork idea triggered the solution itself.

Two quick doubts that may arise in your mind:

Is it feasible enough for me?

Will it work with my existing software?

Frankly, both of the questions are already answered by the software vendors that offer document bursting tools. However, it’s also true that not all kinds of tool work in tandem with the existing business software at your office.

Therefore, here’s what you should do:

Research on bursting tools offered by different software vendors. Take the help of Google to find out top 10 (even 20 would do) websites that sell these tools.

Discover the tool description, features, compatibility, and other aspects. Most importantly, you should check whether the tool is compatible with the software application used in your office.

Check out reviews, feedback, testimonials (if any) provided by the vendor’s clients.

Learn more about the sellers who have the accurate product. For that, browse pertinent information, such as policies, support, and others.

Though crystal reports invoice delivery is the primary thing that the tool provides, you may also look for additional features for report generation, such as bulk email delivery, pre-scheduling, and more.

With a thousand doubts lingering in your mind, you can’t just make your decision based on the outlook and profile of the tool, isn’t it? Therefore, you must ask for a trial version of the tool. Not only it helps you check the performance of the tool, but gives you ample information about various aspects.

Author Resource Box:-

Jeremy Brown has a keen eye for observing document bursting tools from various software vendors. He recommends crystal reports bursting tool for offices, especially for maximizing their productivity and efficiency levels. Not only crystal reports invoice delivery saves a valuable amount of time, but also adds an incredible performance value to the business.

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