Cost and features to develop a property portal

Cost and features to develop a property portal

The fact about a website is that it holds a lot of importance in terms of marketing and attracting a crowd on a standard platform. It is not every day that one receives an offer for real estate app development. It requires to have reasonable development rates of business to ensure that it is making sense. There are so many things that are added up in an application to ensure that the property portal is well-covered s in whole. Whether it is the property portal website or company websites for real estate, there are a set of features that one must require.

Features to keep in mind while developing the property portal

The real estate websites work on different modules that make it easy for them to attract customers. This might include some directories of real estate that might work up to provide convenient and rich use to customers. So, let us go through the essential features that one must add to their property portal in order to get the best possible results with the help of mobile application development in Dubai.

1) Videos

One of the great ways to explain the properties and ensure that it attracts customer is to get videos ready. The fact is that a customer believes in what is in front of their eyes. Even images have its value but with property, video is something that gives its true worth. Hence, it is better to get a possible solution as per the video and improvise the design in it so that development can be done in a steady manner. One of the vital rules of property is its tour and with video, it is done in a virtual manner. The whole video is entirely informative and is engaging with customers.

It can easily spike up customers interests that make web development services to implement the process. This is an essential part and hence it must have a huge impact on the minds of the customer. It can also include testimonials of customers to get feedback and let others know the type of services provided by respective property portal. In addition to this, one can even add on the sold property to get a hang of all the aspects. This helps in generating leads and encourage customers.

2) Images

Just like videos, images are something that stays in mind of customers for a longer period of time. So, make sure to add on space for images in a website. Do you really think that customers will read about every single aspect? No, they skip out the majority of part and goes for something that is right in front of them. Hence, real estate website development makes sure that that are able to access images of any property that they might be interested in. It will increase the overall chance to attract customers. Also, the development experience will also be increased to enhance value. Even the speed is essential to keep in mind while developing the website.

 3) Search website

Many customers come to the website in order to search for a property that they saw on a pamphlet or online. Hence, it is essential to make sure that when a customer comes to the website then they can easily search on any project that they want to. It can even be a previous project that is full at the present time. This will add on value to the whole setup allowing companies to work on the major aspects. It can be a bit difficult even for real estate app development but with proper planning and extension form, one can easily achieve it. This adds value to the whole property portal.

In addition to this, a customer must obtain the relevant, filtered and quick result for their searches. If they want a property in Noida then Gurugram results are of no use to them. They can be shown in recommendations but in the search result, it will have zero to no value for customers. Hence, it is essential to work on the search feature for a website and obtain the best possible results.

 4) Design

The mobile application development in Dubai also works on creating a website or software with the best possible designs. It is essential to work on designs that can keep customers hook to the site. This doesn’t mean to have eye-catchy theme or colors but also content and user interface must be of top-notch quality. It is essential to make sure that customers feel connected to the design.

 5) Mobile friendliness

In the present world, the most essential thing to keep in mind is the friendliness of a website or portal on phone. It can be on a browser or have a website application. This is a great way to get in touch with the customer thoroughly without any addition of extra features. The potential customers must be able to work on a device that helps in listing off properties in an application. This is a great way to work up with any sort of application and attract customers to get seamless device options.


The fact is that it is not essential to add on all the features that are stated above in an application. However, it is better to get the maximum of them to attract customers and achieve goals. The real estate website development works on such techniques and many others. Their main motive is to ensure that maximum of customers can easily access the property without any hitch. Website creation and management is a crucial task and required dedication, hard work, and persistence to be in the line. However, the situations and time can change certain things but it is better to keep these things in mind. Remember modification is the key to perfection.

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