Considering new kitchen or bathroom countertops?

Are you and your spouse on the verge of upgrading your home’s bathroom or kitchen countertops—
but perhaps undecided just which stone surface to go with?

Below are facts that may help you make the choice.

Granite Countertops

These require a little more care but remain the top choice for homeowners looking to upgrade from
laminate surfaces. Because granite is porous it’s prone to staining under certain conditions. Granite’s
use in kitchen countertops is therefore predicated upon disciplined soap and water cleaning plus
periodic (once per year is sufficient in most cases) resealing. A granite countertop installation
professional can help advise you on all this.

As a completely natural material, the stone itself can exhibit a vast variety of patterns and other
qualities which serve to enhance its appeal—while at the same time making the combining of
separate granite slabs for larger projects sometimes a challenge. But the high-end look of
professionally installed polished granite countertops adds true class to any kitchen setting.
Which is why the majority of newly constructed homes nationwide now feature it.

Popular granite varieties include Bianco Antico Granite, White Ice Granite, Caledonia Granite, Steel
Gray Granite and Premium Black Granite. And each geographic source of granite boasts its own unique
visual qualities and textures, making for an ever broadening selection for the homeowner searching
for that perfect and original decorative statement.

Quartz Countertops

Available in an even wider range of colors and patterns, quartz countertops are stain and scratch
resistant and don’t need to be periodically resealed like granite countertops. Nor are stains a danger.
But in addition to soap and water cleaning extra care must be taken to protect quartz countertops
from excessive heat—for instance from hot skillets or sauce pans. That’s because the polymer resins
which, along with natural quartz, are an integral part of the countertop structure are a bit less durable
than the quartz stone itself.

Some of the varieties of quartz countertops currently enjoying popularity include White Quartz, Gray
Quartz, Black Quartz (all of which mimic the classic appeal of marble) and a truly dazzling array of
other colors and patterns.

In fact, the almost infinite variety of patterns and colors in the quartz countertop marketplace make it
all but impossible not to find exciting matches for your home’s interior décor. But be aware that while
shopping for the right stone surface via the Internet is convenient it cannot equal experiencing the
same stone surface close-up.

Laminate Countertops

Budget-conscious homeowners may want to take a fresh look at laminate, as the very latest laminate
products go far in duplicating the look of stone countertops at much lower cost. And although
laminate is nowhere near as durable, especially when it comes to scratching or heat damage—with a
reasonable amount of care a laminate countertop can last a dozen years.
Just keep in mind that laminate is easily damaged and isn’t repairable. Durability is therefore sacrificed
for affordability. But in some situations may be a fair trade-off

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