Burning Eyes- Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Burning Eyes- Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Do you know that we close our eyes for about 15 to 20 times in a span of 60 seconds? That makes up approximately 28,800 times in a day. And am I right that every time you blink your eyes, you have a burning sensation? So why don’t you look for an option? Did you? But it didn’t work? Relax, if you are unable to find a helpful solution for the burning eyes, we would help you out. Let’s begin the fight against burning eyes by a clear understanding of the Burning eyes ending up with the best-suited solution.

What is burning eyes?

If you experience an irritating or burning sensation in the eyes, probably you are suffering from Burning Eyes.The burning sensation is likely from a lack of oils that are produced from natural tears. If this is the plight of your eyes, you definitely require eye drop manufacturers like Ozone Ayurvedics to get an eye drop that gives relief from such painful condition.

What are the symptoms of burning eyes?

Burning eyes may be associated with:
• Dry eyes
• Eye allergies
• Swollen eyes
• Pink eyes
• other eye allergies

These are the most common symptoms observed by a person suffering from burning eyes. In general burning eyes is not characterized by a change in vision, which is a serious issue related to eyes. In rare cases, the person observing such vision impairments must consult a doctor.

What causes my eyes to burn?

• Do you have a habit of using mobile phones for long period or operating them at night? Or if you are scheduled to use computer systems for long without breaks? In both the conditions you are likely to face burning eyes.
• If you wear improper eye wear or contact lenses with high power on daily basis, you are allowing your eyes to lose natural lubrication and have a burning sensation.

How can I prevent burning eyes?

Few easy steps and you are successful in your mission.
• Avoid using screens for long duration
• Wear good quality contact lenses
• Wash your eyes more often with clean and fresh water
• Avoid staying in muddy areas
• Ensure using best eye drop for burning eyes in case you fall to burning eyes.

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