Brief Overview of Google PageRank (PR)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the most significant techniques for the businesses and marketers to get high search engine page rank and reach at the desired audience. Almost all the business owners (small, medium and large) are taking the SEO Services India to appear on top position of search engine result page and get the edge over the strong competitors. Do you know what this Google page-rank is and how it is analyzed? No then read on this article because it contains the useful information about Google PageRank such as ways to improve the PR value and lots more.

Page rank is an algorithm or system used by Google to rank the website on its listing by analyzing the relevancy and importance. It is one of the most significant aspects that Google use to determine the quality of web page and assigning it the number according to its value. The most important and relevant website is assigned the numeric value of 10 while least important web page containing the poor quality is provide 0 position. Higher the PR on Google means your website will be listed at top position on Google search result page.

Text matching techniques are combined with PageRank to find the relevancy of the website that match with the search query of online visitors or surfers. Google examine various factors of content in the webpage by going through the number of times a term appears on a website to analyze whether it is relevant for the searcher’s query. The web pages are also looked by the search engine to determine whether it has been voted as the best sources of useful information by other websites across the web.

Getting large numbers of websites linked to your webpage means you will get the higher votes for taking the good PR. The searchers cannot find the exact PR easily while simply surfing the ranking but it can be seen after installing Google toolbar that has PageRank meter or just after using the online page rank checker.

The web masters that are taking services from the professional India SEO Company can easily see the ranking of page because the experts know the technique and method to analyze the Google PageRank. They have the detailed information about why the meter shows no green or what does the particular numeric value is related with your web page ranking.

PageRank importance of another webpage can be transported to your website if you are getting a link from a high PR page. But if you are taking links from other websites then its relevancy also matters a lot because links from lower ranking websites will never helps to improve the PR.

Thus it is necessary to get the links from reputed website that has high page ranking on Google. Before exchanging the links with another webpage always ensure that there are only few links outgoing on that page as a result of which you can receive better PageRank value. The PR number can never be improved easily because Google update the PageRank from time to time hence taking the services from professional company is highly recommended.

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