Board Exams Are Finally Over! What’s Next?

Now that the gruelling and daunting 12th standard board exams are over a tsunami of relief must be washing over you! Once you get a chance to catch your breath, unwind and relax after all that hard work you put in, you’re going to want to use your break to think about what stream you would like to choose to pursue your bachelors degree in. As a young 17-18 year old, you have a world of possibilities lying ahead of you. Choosing the discipline to pursue your bachelors in is the first step towards realizing your dream career. You can choose from the field of arts, business management, law, design, computer applications, architecture, hospitality, film and media, mass communication and medicine among many other options.

If you are confident, smart and are fearless of voicing your opinions, studying law would be a great option for you. The legal profession is amongst the oldest in the world. Being a lawyer is not just about practicing the rules of law, it is a career that builds future leaders. Symbiosis Law School (SLS), Pune one of the top law colleges in Pune, aims at transforming law aspirants to future leaders.

As a student of law, you get to learn about the rules of law in areas such as civil, criminal, corporate, taxation, labour, cyber law and intellectual property law based on the study of which you can later choose your area of specialization.

A lawyer’s profession has evolved since its inception and lawyers have moved from the confines of the court room to making their mark in corporate houses, law firms and litigation and administrative services. Careers in law encompass jobs in litigation, corporate counsel, social work, judicial/civil services and even in media and law.

SLS Pune is focused on the mission to produce lawyers that can excel in any of the above settings. With a legacy of 38 years backing them, SLS Pune has achieved several milestones in teaching, learning and research. It is the first law college in Pune to offer evening law programs and one of the pioneers of the five year law program. Its innovative educational program sets it apart from other law institutes in the region and makes it one of the top 10 law schools in India. For those of you looking to pursue a degree in law, SLS Pune should definitely be a strong consideration.

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