Application Delivery As-A-Service - Improved Network Performance - Better User Experience

Application Delivery as-a-Service enables distributed business users outside the firewall to quickly access centralized enterprise applications and Cloud resources from anywhere in the world.

Uniform connectivity across all office locations is indispensable for every organization. With multi-channel functions performed on a daily basis, it's crucial for a company to have a consistent and fast access to all business applications. This is why the need for quick and consistent access to applications is critical for a good end-user experience. Application Delivery as-a-Service is an important application delivery solution that enables all stakeholders - employees, vendors and customers - of an enterprise to have access to centralized applications irrespective of their location.

This solution helps increase an organization's productivity in a big way as it gives quick and secure access to applications and data. Users connect to the nearest Point of Presence (POP) to onboard an optimized private network and experience faster access to the applications from anywhere in the world.

Traditional Application Delivery solutions suffer from the inadequacies of the Internet. Application performance is poor because of high latency and packet loss. Large files transfers and chatty applications further add to the end users' woes. The new way of accelerating applications removes this dependency on Internet transport by providing a private and intelligent core network that has been optimized with the full stack of WAN technology.

This solution, delivered as-a-Service, improves the speed of business applications up to 100X without making changes to the application. Availing this service, users can avoid the traffic congestion faced by the users of traditional Application Delivery Network (ADN) solutions, especially when it comes to long distance access. Reliable and fast access to applications enables employees to carry on with their daily responsibilities in a more productive manner.

The organization gets a competitive edge over others. It is time you switched to this high-speed private and intelligent network instead of depending on an Internet overlay solution. It is highly beneficial for an organization as it protects data with less effort and mitigates risk. And making it more unique is the added functionality of TCP Optimization which further improves the application performance making it the best available solution in the market.

At a time when most companies are adopting cost-cutting techniques, more and more enterprises are moving IT services to the Cloud. This new Application Delivery as-a-service is to help businesses get their applications delivered to their distributed business users efficiently. Moreover, it is easy to deploy this application delivery service - in a matter of minutes - to generate maximum results.

Application delivery as a service has become a critical requirement for many global enterprises and businesses. The deliver applications and content from the Cloud or a server to end users located around the world.

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