All you need to know before you buy an Air Scrubber

Air scrubbers are used to remove harmful particles and gases from the air within a certain radius.  Scrubbers are mostly used in industries to prevent workers from being exposed to harmful substances. Air scrubbers are designed for specific kinds of air purification; some are for the elimination of particles, some for gases, and some for chemicals.

Typically air scrubbers use ions to purify the air. Scrubbers that don’t use ions consist of a fan and filter which periodically take in large amounts of air, and force out clean air from the other side.

Air scrubbers use a technique called wet scrubbing in which air is passed through a moist cloth or liquid chamber. Particles stick to the wet cloth as air passes through it, allowing only clean air to exit the scrubber. Plain water or specific chemical compounds are used to keep the scrubbers moist.

There are a few things one must pay close attention to before purchasing an air scrubber:

  1. Understand your need

The very first step is to determine the need for an air scrubber, how long  it would be used for, and the number of rooms you would be installing it in.

  1. Know your space

Once the air scrubbers are placed in the desired location, one should understand the airspace it would clean, before selecting the ideal unit for a given facility. Airflow differs from one model to another,  and hence the unit that fulfills your air purification requirements should be chosen with care.

  1. Durability

While choosing your air scrubber, ensure you stick to proven and well-established manufacturers. They are more likely to provide tough, durable, and high-performance air pollution control systems.

  1. Portability

Ensure to check the weight and bulk of a scrubber, and if possible even test its flexibility and ease of portability from one place to another. While you may be purchasing the scrubber for a large area, how and when it is used will depend on what part of your facility it would be set up at and the number of people working in that area. An easy to move, portable air scrubber will come in handy in such a case.

  1. Speeds

Not all air scrubbers offer single running speeds. Some units may function at a single speed, while others have multiple speeds to choose from. It is useful to have a multiple speed model, in case you want a certain negative pressure or wish to change the noise levels of the machine.

These are the five most important factors we recommend to consider so that you benefit the most out of purchasing an air scrubber.

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