9 Things To Know Before You Start Building A Fence

Homeowners who want to secure their property while also adding to their privacy often look into getting professionally installed Security Fencing. Most people are under that impression that building a Mesh fence is an easy DIY project, and they are wrong. At first glance, a fence may not seem like a big task to accomplish, but it comes with a ton of nitty and gritting details, which can be a big problem.

To help concerned homeowners, here’s a list of the important things to remember before building a fence:

#1 - Know The Reasons Why You Want A Fence

A great factor to think about before building a fence is the reasons why you need or want one in the first place. The reasons will help you narrow down the type of fence material and make the final choice easier.

#2 - Hire A Land Surveyor

It is a must to get a professional land surveyor to have a look at your property before investing in security fencing especially if you live close to a neighbor. You don’t want to build a fence on their property and spark a battle with the people living next door.

#3 - Talk To The Neighbours

As mentioned before, the fence will affect your neighbors and ensure you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes, talk to them and let them know about your plans to build a fence between your properties.

#4 - Look Up Local Rules And Regulations

Different areas have their own set of fencing rules and regulations. Become familiar with these regulations before building a fence to avoid having to pay fees for breaking any ordinances and rules.

#5 - Budget

Of course, you need to think about your budget for the project. This will either limit your choice of materials or allow you to explore fancier options if you have the extra budget for it.

#6 - Maintenance Needs

Once the fence is in place it will require maintenance in the future. For example, a mesh fence is easy to maintain and repair, but might not be the aesthetic you want. However, the white picket fence may look perfect, but it will cost you extra to keep it in top shape through the years.

#7 - Forget DIY Fences

To get the best results that last a long time, invest in the services of a professional to build the fence. They have all the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to build the best fence for your needs.

#8 - Climate Considerations

Think about the area where your home is located because this will affect the type of material you will use for the fence. Wood can swell and shrink when exposed to drastic temperature changes and metal can rust in damp climates.

#9 - Keep Options Open

Even if you already have a vision of what the fence will look like after it is built, remember that the professionals will also have a list of suggestions. Consider everything they have to say and if budget permits, try to include their professional input as well.
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