9 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Nobody wants to get cleaned up in a strange looking bathroom. If you have a beautiful, clean bathroom, you will find that it will be your ideal place to relax and unwind. Additionally, guests love seeing a well-decorated bathroom. However, some people may go overboard with decorations or have a rather underwhelming bathroom. We don’t want you to make those sorts of mistakes, so here is a quick list of the top 9 most common bathroom design mistakes that you should be aware of.

Don’t Decorate Mindlessly

A big mistake that you can make is to buy decorations and other bathroom items without an idea or theme in mind. This would make you waste time and money on items that will clash in your bathroom and might not be functional. A good way to get around that is to get ideas from bathroom showrooms Kent from places such as Nicholls. This will give you a lot of inspiration and learn what themes and styles you would want in your bathroom.

Too Cramp

As we mentioned earlier, you have to make sure that you have a plan mapped out or at least have a good idea of what you want. A lot of people might buy too many things and not know where to place them, which will lead to a tiny bathroom space. A cramped bathroom does not feel relaxing or look inviting, so try to keep it minimal and spacious.

DIY Installations

While doing some things like putting up hooks on the wall or door on your own fine, some installations may need professional assistance. That wall mounted mirror may look easy enough to put up, but if you’re not careful it could fall. Get some excellent services from bathroom shops Kent Nicholls to help you install more advanced items.

Lack of Storage

Having all of your hygiene products scattered around your bathroom isn’t quite appealing as you may think. Plus, it could take up space around your bathroom and sink. Get the right kind of storage to solve that issue easily.

Bulky Storage

Now we mentioned how you need storage, but we need to emphasize that you get the correct kind. Avoid getting large storage that needs more space than what it’s worth. Find sleek storage solutions that can be easily tucked away or floating shelves.

Fast Fashion

Sure, all that cactus printed decorations might be cute now, but how long will it be trendy for? Be sure that you choose decorations that won’t fade out of style right away. That way, you will save money and have a stylish bathroom.

Being Wasteful

Being eco-friendly isn’t trendy for no reason. It’s important to add more eco-friendly additions to your bathroom when you are upgrading it. Even adding more items that are made out of bamboo like a toothbrush can go a long way. Try to find items that can help you conserve water as well.

Bad Lighting

A dimly lit bathroom is uninviting, plus it makes it harder to get yourself ready for the day and cleaned up properly. Make sure that you get nice, bright LED lights in your bathroom. It will also make it look more spacious and welcoming.

Lack of Ventilation

One of the worst things to experience is a stuffy and hot bathroom. Make sure to get an appropriate form of ventilation in your bathroom to keep it from smelling and feeling uncomfortable.

You can have the bathroom that you’ve always wanted. Just be sure to adhere to the tips above to make sure your new bathroom goes according to plan.
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