6 Reasons to Choose a Seagull Lighting Chandelier for your Home

Seagull Lighting is brand in the lighting industry that is known for their creative, artistic, and awe inspiring light fixtures. These products are trusted by professional electricians, homebuilders, architects, and consumers across the globe. The range of chandeliers by this brand includes a selection that is virtually unparalleled in the lighting industry. Whether you are building a new home, or refurbishing your current one, here are 6 important reasons why you need to choose a chandelier from this brand.

1  -  Unique Style

Chandeliers from this brand encompass designs from classic to contemporary, or rustic to modern, such that there is a Sea Gull chandelier for every home. These products, built with the finest quality material, radiate a natural charm. They are also available in single and multi-tiered styles, making them an exquisite addition to dwelling spaces. Sea Gull chandeliers are capable of enhancing the appeal of living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, foyers, or any other space they are used in.

2  -  Chandeliers for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Light fixtures from SeaGull are known for their versatility and the case in no different with chandeliers. There are products that are available for use in interior spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, as well as those for use in foyers and exterior areas like patios. This brand is among the few that offer chandeliers for use in outdoor spaces. These products come with a damp rating that make them fit for use even during rain and snow.

3  -  Fixtures for Large and Small Spaces

Sea Gull lighting chandeliers can be used in small and large spaces alike. There are chandeliers with three lights, six, nine, and even twelve lights. This means that no matter the size of the space, there is a Sea Gull chandelier that can be used to illuminate it beautifully. Acadia a traditional styled chandelier features 15 lights, while Ellington, a truly contemporary themed product with cylindrical lampshades, features a stunning 18 lights on the chandelier. This truly proves the command of the brand over lighting designs and its worth in catering to the lighting fixture solutions.

4  -  Varied Finishes

Seagull Chandeliers are available in a variety of finishes, making them suited for use in homes built around different interior design themes. While finishes like Black, Iron, and Silver lend a contemporary touch to the lighting products, those like Brass and Bronze bring a more traditional, Victorian like charm to the light fixtures.

5  -  Energy Star Rated

Many of the chandeliers offered by the brand are Energy Star rated meaning they only consume 70% less energy and dissipate less heat as compared to regular light sources. Hence, they are the best choice for conscious consumers who like to do their little bit for the environment. Energy Star rated products also serve as a pocket friendly option for those looking to save on their power bills.

6  -  LED Convertible

Most of the chandeliers from this brand are LED convertible, meaning, irrespective of the actual light source – be it halogen or fluorescent bulbs – these products can be replaced with LED light sources, which like Energy Star, are energy efficient and help in saving power costs.

Sea Gull chandeliers add tremendous value to the homes they are used in. They are built in with careful thought and consideration so as to complement many of their other fixtures well; allowing you to design your home in a standardized yet splendid fashion.


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