5 Ways to Perfect Your Digital Paintings

With the evolution of World Wide Web, most work has got a digital presence. This is mainly because being on the internet has so many benefits, such as reaching a wider audience, connecting with them on a personal level as well as professionally, and the biggest advantage being able to sell much more than you would through traditional methods of selling.

In a very simple yet profound way internet has affected our lives. It has opened up a whole plethora of new profession including that of a lucrative Digital Artist role popularly known as Graphics Designer. Digital media arts has become a big thing in itself, many large firms have their own copyrights on such forms of digital art that they own.

The millennial's have a variety of creative jobs that they can choose to be in. If digital media arts is something that excites you then there are certain points that can help you create your stamp in the field. In this article, we will share 5 ways to make your digital artwork perfect so that you can sell digital art online and thrive.

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Highlight the central point of your art

Every art - be it painting, sketching, photography, etc. must have one focal point, and the main element that will define the picture and rest everything will be supportive elements to it. It may seem straightforward to imagine this in the artist’s mind but getting it down on a paper or in the forms of digital art can be a bit complicated.

To make sure the main element is the focal point in your art, the placement of the element plays an important role. The best position for such elements is considered to be the one that sits right at the intersection of an imaginary vertical and horizontal line that runs centrally through the canvas.

Another effect that can be a deciding factor between a masterpiece and a boring work is the placement of the spotlight. Learning to play with light is very important. You need to be able to visualize exactly how the subject is going to get highlighted before you can actually do it on the application.

Using photo textures effectively

Textures can give a digital artwork a feel of authenticity and be real. A simple photo texture effect to blend an image or parts of the image into your digital art can create a great impact. When you are adding multiple elements to your work, you just need to make sure you create these in different layers so that editing and manipulating these will be easy.

You can look at some online photography competition websites for some inspiration and know better about playing with various elements in a digital painting. If you are a beginner this can give you great insight into how other popular artists work and create their magnum opus. At the end of the day, if you want to sell digital art, you need to make sure your artwork creates an aura of positive energy that won’t happen if your work looks unreal.

Use minimal colors

The way textures play a role in making a picture look as real as possible, colors bringing any picture to life. The colors and various shades that are used in a picture can make a lot of difference. A picture with the right combination and use of colors can make it very eye-catching, while a picture with recklessly used colors can look very naïve and unschooled. To give that professional touch to your art you must learn the theory of colors.

When using applications like Photoshop, etc. the number of colors and shades available can be dizzying but one need not get carried away with that. It is best to start with a fixed color palette and work on the painting or picture using those colors only. This will also help in balancing out the shades in the background and foreground of the picture.

When you put your artwork for sale, you want visitors to appreciate it and to comprehend the story it is trying to convey. You need the right elements in your picture to tell the story, and the color is probably the most important one.

Be part of various competitions

You will only be able to sell digital art if you are known in the art market. And if you have just started out with your new digital art studio, you would want to make contacts as soon as possible and work on building your audience. Photography contest or photography challenge can be a good place to start. These are great places to network, to understand the new things happening in your field, get to know other artists and their work, and expose yourself and your work to the community. You can also benefit from online photography competitions.

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Such competitions can give a big boost to your career in digital art, and make good money by putting your artwork for sale.

With the increasing number of applications that aid in the creation of digital art studio, the life of a Digital Creative Artist is only becoming easier. You just need to know which tools are best suited for your requirements and level of creativity and make the most of it. Although this might look very challenging at first, once you get the hang of it perfecting your digital paintings will come to you like a breeze.

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