5 Best Power Yoga to Increase Strength

Yoga itself is an institution open for everyone to treat, heal and provide overall health solutions. As we know the most complex machine in the world is human body, it is made up of thousand particles; hence it is obvious it will face several breakdowns and problems. In between all of them, excessive weight is one problem which bothers everyone. No one loves to be called as fatty or chubby. Every human being, whether it is male or female, aims to have perfect lean body. They spend hours in gym and sweat much to lose weight. Instead, they can do it very easily at home by performing power yoga.

Here, in this article we will tell about different power yoga ‘aasan’ for weight loss.

  • Shirshasana 

The first and very basic yoga to lose weight is shrishasana, which is known as Headstand pose. This asana is a typical posture in which a person has to upside down itself. The process is very simple; first you have to sit on your knees, with ankle and toe being parallel with knee. Then cross finger your palms and crown your head in between them. At last swing your leg in air and try to bring it in the same line of body. This exercise could be difficult for beginners, so one can take help of other in initial phase. Beside weight loss, it also improves memory and reduce hair fall.

  • Bhujangasana

The pose seems like a snake pose and severely impacts your belly and lower abdomen which reduce its fat. The person has to simply lie down on belly, place the face on chin. Further, lift up the chest above floor and close your eyes. In course of pose hands should be placed beside chest and thighs should not be in air. Doing this for 1 minute daily, will strengthen your back and shoulder as well.

  • Salabhasana

This posture impacts the lower abdomen as well as the back and chest. As you move forward to do this ‘aasan’, just you have to lie down on your belly, join your hand and place it above hips. Further, lift your chin above and put your upper body, thighs, and legs in the air. Try to hold this posture for 30 seconds. This ‘aasan’ is not suggested to those who have a recent back or shoulder injury.

  • Dhanurasana

This pose is successive to the salabhasana and one could easily transform it from there. You have to follow the whole process just like in salabhasana with little change in the end. In this aasan you have to try to push your legs towards your head and catch it through your hands. The posture improves the digestive system of the body as a result, fat decrease from stomach area.

  • Trikonasana

This aasan is known as ‘Triangle pose’ and is very easy to perform as compared to all above postures.  Simply one has to stand with stretched legs and bend the body on either side. Put your waist straight, opposite hand in the air and the same hand on the ground. Hold the posture for 2 minutes and do it again on other side. It is an appropriate exercise to lose weight very quickly.

These ‘asanas‘are very simple and can be done in home. But for expert guidance one can join professional yoga classes. With coming vacations, one can also visit yoga retreat. There are numerous reputed yoga retreats in India which offer their guests a wonderful time to enjoy and improve their health conditions.

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