4 Alarming Signs that You Must See the Best Hematology Specialist

4 Alarming Signs that You Must See the Best Hematology Specialist

Whenever people hear Hematologist, they automatically think about blood cancer. But, it is not true because a Hematology specialist not only deals with cancer patients. The experts have the specialization and expertise to treat every blood-related disorder.

Your primary physician will only refer you to the best Hematologist if they notice you have a serious blood-related disorder that needs immediate treatment. However, this post will discuss 4 signs indicating you must visit a Hematologist.

4 Crucial Signs that Indicate You Must Visit a Hematologist

Hematologists are specialized doctors that work closely with lab technicians and treat patients with blood-related disorders. So, people worry whenever a doctor refers someone to a Hematologist because it is not a common occurrence. It indicates that the patient may suffer from the four following blood diseases.

Lymphoma and Leukemia

Leukemia is mainly a form of blood cancer due to excessive white blood cell production. These white blood cells replace the red blood cells and the platelets. The platelets mainly transport blood and help in blood clotting.

So, if you ever experience the following symptoms, you must contact one of the best Hematologists in Sacramento. The experts can tell you whether you need immediate treatment.

●     Sudden weight loss

●     Fatigue

●     Swollen lymph nodes

●     Ear ringing and visual problems

●     Easy bruising

●     Discomfort in spleen

On the other hand, Lymphoma affects the white blood cells. It is also a type of blood cancer that directly damages the lymphocytes that help in fighting infection. So, if you notice any of the following symptoms, visit a Hematologist.

●     Shortness of breath

●     Swollen lymph nodes

●     Heavy coughing

●     Fatigue


Hemophilia is another blood disorder that requires the attention of a Hematologist. This specific disorder occurs due to platelet deficiency. It stops or slows the blood from clotting, which can be treated with the proper medication. The basic symptoms that you may experience if you have Hemophilia are:

●     Gum and nose bleeding that lasts for a long time

●     Prolonged bleeding from tiny injuries and cuts

●     Joint swelling

Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease is a typical hereditary blood disorder found in those with Hispanic and African ancestry. However, if you ever struggle with the following symptoms, visit the best Hematology specialist nearby.

●     Fatigue

●     Jaundice

●     Swelling in feet and hands

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is rare in which blood clots do not go away easily. So, it is opposite to Hemophilia. The blood clots occur in the leg veins, which is very painful. It is a dangerous disease that can do severe damage to the body. The common signs of deep vein thrombosis include:

●     Unusual warmth

●     Red skin

●     Pain in the affected area


Identifying the early signs is crucial to get the right treatment with medications. If you ever notice the symptoms mentioned above, you must visit one of the best Hematologists in Sacramento. The doctor will closely evaluate your signs and ask you to get the necessary tests done. Afterward, the experts will proceed with your treatment procedure to ensure a speedy recovery.

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