YouTube For Beginners: How To Drive More Traffic To Your Videos?

YouTube For Beginners: How To Drive More Traffic To Your Videos?

Many people have turned out to be a famous personality because of their YouTube Videos. This platform is one of the largest search engines in the world where users can search for their desired video content. And so what this article is all about! Here we are going to discuss some of the excellent ways to drive traffic to your videos.

Are you disappointed with the fewer likes, views, and subscribers on YouTube? Do you wish to make your video go viral?

Well, it’s not so straightforward to be renown on YouTube since there are millions of fascinating videos featured every day on this platform. And if you want to stand out, you need to upload videos that are slightly different from the rest. Now the question arises- how can one create engaging visual content that can potentially attract more viewers?

Calm yourself down! We have five tweaks that will improve the ranking of your YouTube videos immediately. If your videos remain on YouTube, follow these tips to see how it fosters your video ranking.

  • Your Video Tags Must Consist Of Rich Keywords

The more keywords you attach to the video, the more it opens the doors for individuals to discover your video. For instance, if your video is about selling home-made face packs and you pick solely a keyword 'Facepack’! It will display your video when users search specifically for that keyword. Instead, you should choose keywords such as 'beauty, glow, facial, pack, mask'. In this way, your video appears whenever a search is made using any of these keywords.

  •  Add Suitable Video Description

Before diving into your video, viewers prefer to read the video description. Therefore, video description becomes a significant factor when it comes to video ranking. Here, your description should illustrate the whole video in a few lines that make it easy for the viewers to know what your video is all about.

  • Respond To Popular Videos

YouTube provides you a unique opportunity of posting video comments on definite videos. In simple words, anyone has the right to leave ‘video comment’ on your published videos, and these video comments will appear below your videos. When you post video comment on popular videos, millions of people see and interact with your video. 

  • Stuff Keywords In Your Video Title

YouTube Works entirely on the concept of Google. As we mentioned earlier in the article, there are bulk of videos on YouTube. And your video will be lost in the feed in case you don’t use keywords properly. What else can probably put a significant load on video position in search results? The answer is- Keywords in the video title! So, you should add relevant keywords to the video title without spamming. YouTube for beginners might be a little bit complicated in the beginning, but can be learned with fewer efforts in the right direction.

  • Show Related Videos At The End

Collecting views is not an easy task, and you have to work hard to get the most number of people to watch the video. You should take all the possible advantages of this golden opportunity. At the end of your video, show some of your related videos as recommendations. It’s one of the best means to keep the viewers engaged for a long time and drive more traffic to the website.


Even though these five tips together will boost like, views, and comments on your YouTube videos, getting a substantial amount of views needs time. So you should act patiently with the slow-progressing rather than changing the strategies frequently.

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