Yoga practice is the key to enhancing inner strength

Yoga is no more only a way of exercising; it has now become a necessary and an integral part of our lifestyle. The popularity of Yoga is at all time high and you an International Yoga day is being celebrated every year 21st June since 2015.

Have you any idea why Yoga suddenly becomes so much popular all over the world? Well, the yoga teacher training in India has grown with time. This is due to 2 main reasons:

One, now a day people young or old are stressed like never before. They want to relieve the stress and Yoga provides an absolute way of doing so without even sweating for a long time. One just has to calm down for a few minutes and it will relax their body.

Second, by doing Yoga, you cannot only create a healthy body, but you can enhance your inner strength also. Inner strength is a core of a person which gives patience, confidence, determination and tolerance.

While the popularity of Yoga is increasing in the whole World, one can choose a career to become a Yogi or Yoga master by learning the art of Yoga. And you can take Yoga training in India, from where the Yoga comes into inception. You can start your career by learning the art of Yoga and benefitting other people in your Country.

Becoming a Yoga teacher in India is not an easy task. One has to go through some vigorous training, every detail of Yoga course along with finding the Best Yoga teacher training institute in India. Before joining the Yoga teacher training course, remember to check the following detail in an Institute:

The institute accredited status from a Yoga Association

Yoga teachers should possess the Teachers training certificate

Only after checking that information, one should join the course in an Institute.

You can select from the several types of courses in Yoga teacher training in India, depending on time and skill you currently possessed in Yoga:

Foundation or Basic 200 Hours Training Program: - As mentioned, 200 hours of training is considered as the minimum requirement for a Yoga Teacher. Duration of the course will be depending on the situation and it can be increased depending on your ability to learn the course within the stipulated time. This is called the foundation course, which will increase the confidence and skill of a teacher to teach his students.

Modular or Advanced 300 Hours Training Program: - This course can be started only after completion of 200 Hours of basic training, as before learning advanced training, it is mandatory to learn the basics of Yoga training. In this course, you will be taught advanced asana like pranamayas, kriyas and philosophy behind Yoga.

Basic + Advanced 500 Hours Training Program: - As the name suggests, this program consists of both, Basic 200 Hours + Advanced 300 Hours training program. In this program, you first complete the 200 Hours basic program and then, you start the Advanced 300 Hours program. After completion of this course, you will get the advanced training certification from the Institute.

Now the part comes, from where you can do the Yoga Teacher training program in India. Worry not, we got you covered, below is the list of the institutes which is Top yoga teacher training in India:

There are institutes that are one of a premier Institute in India for Yoga education. A Certificate of Yoga Alliance will be issued at the end of the YTT course. Also, the accommodation facility is also available for. The communication language is English in this Institute, so The International students do not have to worry about communicating with their teachers.

There is also an Institute that is available in many different locations of the country. These types of institutes as founded by people that are responsible for developing the type of training program for yoga teachers worldwide. The institutes offer Basic teacher training program and Advanced teacher training program also.

The institute is situated in Rishikesh which is known as an unofficial capital of Yoga. They provide yoga teacher training certificate with Yoga Alliance, USA.

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