Why Restaurants Must Embrace Sustainable Business Practices and How!

Why Restaurants Must Embrace Sustainable Business Practices and How!

Food is very important to us. In fact, it is the only thing that needs human attention other than maybe shelter; everyone knows it but the way it’s said here it is sounding as a boring cliché rather than a powerful statement. The carelessness on everyone’s part has led even businesses to not take food waste too seriously, until now.

Throughout the world now people are taking sustainable practices that respects ecology as well as humanity very seriously despite commercialization becoming rampant everywhere. Restaurant and hotel businesses couldn’t remain untouched by such an idea that has beginning to make a difference in the way people feel compelled to do something. Thus impacted, these entities have stated keeping aside a part of their budget to implement sustainable practices in addition to their regular expenses such as maintenance cost of equipment like commercial dishwashers.

Let’s look at how the businesses are taking sustainable restaurant business practices and what the most easily implementable practices are.

Views on applying sustainable practices

Most serious New Year resolution

For many small and big businesses, to apply this philosophy is more than a philosophy now that the year 2019 has made a head start. They are trying to give it a try like a New Year resolution, only a very serious one. To implement anything on a business needs careful planning from the sharpest minds in a way that it doesn’t hamper their business in any way. After all they also need to look at monetary aspect, let alone the implementation challenges any idea poses.

A win-win business strategy for both customers and the business

Businesses have a tendency to see everything in the light of benefit, be in the terms of money or customer relationship. Taking solid steps to implement the sustainable practices is like winning both the hearts of the customers as well as making their business model better for everyone. The local farming community, underprivileged people and their business, all are going to get something out of embracing these practices. This translates into a better business outlook as well.

Something to be really proud of

Business aside, there’s the humanitarian ground of embracing practices that can better the lives of people around, not to forget taking off some load from the shoulder’s of Mother Nature (however small that may be!). Besides providing a good PR material, it has the power to actually try to look for more ways to be better while still making money from the business. Customers of such a business come forward to become their brand ambassador; what more a business can expect!

Sustainable Restaurant Business Practices to Embrace

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle waste

It is easier said than done, when you are in an industry which practically admonished for creating huge amount of organic as well as inorganic waste. However, with the growing awareness about global food shortages in many countries for a variety of reasons, people have beginning to see food waste as something comparable to criminal offence. Several steps that could be taken to do: small plate sizes priced strategically, recycling of food items where applicable, buy fresh and consume fresh, etc.

Support local communities

Buying locally grown food items should be a priority to allow the local farming community thrive just as the business expects for itself. The idea would also promote the other connecting practice of buying fresh. Also, you can allow your unavoidable organic waste to become compost that could be made available to them in lower or no price if your business can afford that.

Make changes in the menu

If you are just starting out and do not have any professional guidance, a restaurant consultant who has an unmatched experience as chef can help you. A great menu that uses locally grown food items in a very intelligent and delectable way can help you make smarter budget choice. Additionally, the surplus item is not going to be dumped in a bin just because it couldn’t be used up. Using seasonal produce is also going to keep the nutrition index of your recipes high.


Before throwing used dishes to the commercial dish washer, anything that has earned the title of ‘waste’ should get into composting machines (which for small cafes could be as simple as a bin with a layer of regular soil!). Such compost could go into your house plant care if your restaurant decor includes it; or it could go to local farmers if the compost is more than you can use up. Both ways, you are adding a feather in your business cap!


Whatever strategy you implement, make sure of the numbers you get and if the strategies are really working. If you gave up sticking to implementing sustainable practices but your brochures still brag about what you “tried and failed”, it can backfire if came to public notice. The term is “Greenwashing” which could become your biggest nightmare.


Donate leftovers of the day to the people in need like the homeless ones you easily spot daily while your commute from home to workplace. Getting in touch with NGOs volunteering for such activities is even better.

If you are concerned enough, you can find newer ways to make your restaurant business more sustainable by putting smaller goals and letting them transform into bigger change.

All the best!

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