Top amenities to consider while booking wedding venue

Top amenities to consider while booking wedding venue

Choosing the ideal wedding venue is more than just selecting a beautiful site. Aside from the essentials, there are a few extras that can improve your wedding journey and guarantee your big day is not just unforgettable but also stress-free. Here's an overview of what to search for in wedding venue facilities that go above and beyond the basics:

1. Bridal Suites: Bridal suites are far more than just dressing rooms. Look for hotels with large, efficient suites. A spectacular wedding suite provides an idyllic atmosphere for the bride and her bridal group to get ready for the big day.

2. Groom's Room: Similar to a bridal suite, a groom's room gives an individual space for the groom and his fellow guests to rest and get dressed. Look for groom's lounges with amenities such as game systems, soft seating, and drinks.

3. Skilled Catering Services: While many venues provide in-house catering, evaluate the menu's quality and diversity. Menu modification, changes in diets, and well-informed catering staff can all improve your customers' dining pleasure.

4. Bar and Beverage Facilities: Determine whether the venue has a well-stocked bar manned by skilled bartenders. Choose venues that provide a choice of drink packages, speciality beverages, and non-alcoholic beverage substitutes to accommodate the needs of everyone.

5. Event Planning and Coordination Services: Some venues provide in-house event organizing and execution services. Using an experienced organizer can help speed up the planning process and guarantee that each element of your wedding day will be organized correctly.

6. Audio-Visual Technology: Look for venues that have excellent audio-visual systems. Proper sound equipment, microphones, and displays will be needed for speeches, presentations, and amusement at your event.

7. Outdoor Spaces: If you're planning an outdoor wedding, seek locations that have well-maintained gardens, balconies, or terraces. Beautiful ceremonies, cocktail hours, and opportunities for pictures are made feasible by the abundance of outdoor venues.

8. Child-Friendly Facilities: If your wedding involves children, seek spots that offer child-friendly features such as play areas, kid-friendly food, and childcare facilities. Happy and engaged children make for pleased parents and guests.

9. Parking: Sufficient and convenient parking is sometimes neglected. Make sure there is sufficient space for your guests at the site. Valet services may offer a touch of elegance and ease.

10. Décor and Furniture choices: Venues that offer a variety of décor, illumination, and furniture styles can help you customize the space to match your wedding theme and colour palette.

11. Weather backup plans: Inquire about weather backup plans for outdoor settings, such as shelters, heaters, or fans. 

12. Post-Wedding Operations: Some venues offer post-wedding activities such as cleaning and guest transfer. With these services in location, you and your guests are able to relax and relish the party without stressing about logistics.

13. Guest Accommodations: If your event location is part of a hotel or resort, look into guest accommodations. Having rooms on-site may make travel easier for visitors from elsewhere and make everyone's stay more comfortable.

When selecting a wedding venue, these extra extras can significantly improve your wedding day. Consider what is most important to you and your guests, and ensure that the location you select goes above and beyond to make your wedding day unique. Your wedding venue can be transformed into a place where precious memories can be made.

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