Lend an Urbane Touch to your Living Space with Minka Lavery Contemporary Chandeliers

Chandeliers have been an important part of decorative light fixtures from historical times. Over the years, these lighting products have undergone much transformation; blending in with interior décor styles and schemes relevant to their era. The crystal studded, ornate chandeliers of the Victorian era have today been replaced by sleek and minimalistic designs that enhance contemporary interiors. Minka Lavery, a brand known for stunning lighting products, offers an extensive range of chandeliers for the urbane home. Here is a look at some exquisite pieces from their collection of contemporary styled chandeliers.

•  Raiden – If you’re looking to bring a warm glow to your urbane living room, then this chandelier is just the perfect choice for you. Raiden is a six-light chandelier with a body that resembles ceiling fan blades, but with a slimmer physique and a bent shape. Suspended from this frame are A 19 medium lamps, housed inside Venetian Scavo glass shades. Raiden comes in an Iron Oxide finish and has lights that are dimmable.

•  Arctic Frost – Imagine bringing a piece of the snowcapped beauty of the Arctic region to your home. The Arctic Frost chandelier from Minka Lavery does just that. It features a circular rim of metal suspended from the base plate using metallic rods. Arising from this metallic structure are fourteen light bulbs, who iridescent glow is given a frosty twist with the White Swirl glass panels that cover them. This chandelier is height adjustable and comes in an Antique French Gold finish.

•  Winter Solstice – Nature’s phenomena are quite a source for inspiration themselves. Minka Lavery manages it perfectly with the contemporary styled Winter Solstice chandelier. The light fixture showcases a 3-tier design of overlapping metallic rings. Housed inside these rings are over 300 tiny, LED bulbs that give out a bright white glow. Winter Solstice comes in a Polished Nickel finish and is accessorized with clear crystal accents.

•  Pontil – Gold and white is quite rare a combination, but this popular brand of lighting fixtures successfully creates a masterpiece in these duo hues. The structure of Pontil resembles that of an inverted bunch of flowers. It features a central rod and a globe, attached to which are stems of the different lights. At the end of each of these stems lies the lamp, covered in Etched Opal Glass. Pontil is an 8 Light Chandelier and comes in a brilliant, Honey Gold finish.

•  Storyboard – This chandelier is part of the Minka Lavery Signature collection created in association with Walt Disney. This contemporary light fixture features a solid wood frame and chrome accents, surrounding an etched white glass. Extending from the center are crystal spears that lend the piece an added beauty. Storyboard comes in a Chrome finish and uses candelabra lights.

Contemporary styled chandeliers from Minka Lavery exude a simple yet sophisticated charm. They feature sleek and minimalistic designs that blend in seamlessly with contemporary interiors, and elevate them to one of a kind, designer spaces.

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