How To Choose The Perfect Wine Glasses For Your Catering Business

The best caterers take it upon themselves to also include drinks as a part of their packages. Offering both food and beverages during an event is a sure way to impress current clients and attracting the attention of future clients. Some events even request for an open bar, and if your catering service can meet the demands, it will be greatly appreciated by everyone during the event.

While offering drink services add to the appeal of the business, this also means investing in the right restaurant kitchen equipment. No professional caterer will make the mistake of serving wine in a cocktail glass. Here’s a quick catering glassware shopping guide to help you equip your business with everything you need to successfully cater to any event:

Choosing Between Glass And Crystal

There’s a difference between glass and crystal? Yes, there is. Wine glasses can be made with glass or crystal, but are they any different? Keep in mind that all crystal is glass, but that doesn’t mean that all glass is crystal. The main difference is the level of lead in crystal. Lead allows the glass to soften into crystal making them easier to engrave and cut.

Since lead has a tendency to seep out of the crystal when used, today crystal glassware is made using unleaded minerals like zinc and titanium. It is often thought that crystal brings out the taste of wine, but they are significantly more expensive which puts them out of reach for many. As a caterer, it is best to keep the crystal for extra special uses like for the bride and groom and the rest of the guest use glass instead.

Types Of Wine Glasses

These are the types of catering glassware worth investing in:

Red Wine Glasses - Red wines should be served in large glasses that are fuller and rounder bowl that has a large opening. The wider opening allows wine drinkers to dip their nose into the glass to detect the wine’s aroma. The bowl plays an important part in ensuring the red wine comes into contact with a lot more air to allow the drinker to experience the complex flavors.

White Wine Glasses - To get the best white wine drinking experience, the bowl should be U-shaped. This allows the release of the aroma without affecting the cool temperature.

Sparkling Wine Glasses - Champagne or sparkling wine is very typical during a special event so it is a must for a caterer to provide their guests with these glasses. The bubbly texture in sparkling wine is best when it is sampled from a specific type of wine glass: the champagne flute. It is narrow than most glasses which helps it retain the carbonation while also capturing the flavour and luxury of the beverage.

Consult With The Client

There are several more types of wine glasses to fill up your restaurant kitchen equipment list, but the three mentioned are the most basic. However, to get a better idea on what to provide for the event, ask your clients about their drink list. With their drink order placed ahead, you can order the necessary wine or cocktail glasses to meet their needs.

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