All you need to Know about Using Corsets to Get Back into Shape after Pregnancy

Ages ago, it was common for women to wear tight fitting corsets to bring their bellies back into shape after delivery. The practice however was discarded with time, as it was considered a mark of oppression and extremity. Compression garments are now being used by women after delivery considering their effectiveness in bringing back shape and confidence. Corsets are one among the many postpartum abdominal compression garments available in the market. Modern corsets are way more advanced than their older counterparts, and are made using medical grade fabric, and in designs that are comfortable to wear. When choosing corsets after pregnancy, it is good to know the pros that come with it, so that you are able to decide whether these corset are for you or not.

Advantages of wearing a postpartum corset

Corsets are highly advisable for women after delivery, especially if a C – section was performed. Here is why :

•  Corsets provide support for the pendulous abdomen after pregnancy and helps ensure that the loose skin tightens properly. They also provide support to the hips, legs and back and help straighten the spine that may have undergone postural changes during the nine months of pregnancy.

•  The support offered by the garment also ensure that you don’t slouch when performing baby care tasks or feeding him/her. Maintaining right posture this ways soothes the sore back, and keeps back ache at bay.

•  Corsets aid lymphatic drainage and decrease the risk of fluid collection and swelling.

•  The compression provided by these garments helps prevent enlargement of fatty cells, and prevents your sagging stomach from hurting your incision.

•  They help the uterus go back to its place and shape faster.

•  The support offered by corsets helps you perform everyday activities without having to worry about an enlarged belly. They give you flexibility, and more freedom of movement, especially when performing baby care tasks.

•  They help reduce scar tissue and the pressure on it through compression. They also help reduce tearing of scar and surrounding tissue and aid in speedy recovery from diastasis recti – the separation of the abdominal muscle by the growing uterus or childbirth.

•  Corsets, by getting your body back into shape faster, aid you emotionally, and improve your confidence to a great extent.

Medical grade corsets offer support and compression that aid postpartum bellies regain original shape faster. Wearing them after pregnancy can be extremely useful if you are looking to get fit and back into your pre – pregnancy appearance without much effort.


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