Advantages Of Outsourced IT Support vs. In-House

The services of a Kent IT team is critical to any company. From the regular maintenance of your business’ computer networks, installing hardware and software, to providing prompt technical support -- this group is a significant force that ensures efficiency in day-to-day operations.

However, the question of whether an IT support Kent should be outsourced or not still remains a hotly-debated topic until today. In this article, we will tackle the benefits you will gain from each option.

In-House IT Support: Advantages

If you opt to have an IT support your company can call its own, here are some of the perks that you will reap:

Get an immediate resolution

One of the main benefits you will get from having an in-house IT support Kent is the team’s consistent availability. If you have a technical problem that needs to be immediately resolved, help in this circumstance is only one call away.

Build a team of highly-specialised IT experts

Given that you can provide proper and regular training and capability development workshops, you can potentially develop a homegrown team of highly-specialised IT support employees. Bear in mind that each company has different sets of IT concerns, and -- most of the time -- no one is more knowledgeable about these matters than your own IT support team.

Secure managerial control

If you have your own Kent IT support team, you can guarantee that you have full managerial control over them. You can be sure that you and your staff share the same company values, mission, and goals.

Avoid worrisome security and confidentiality concerns

If you don’t want to compromise sensitive information about your company, then getting an in-house support team is a sound choice. This way, you can avoid the probability of leaking confidential data to your third-party IT support services provider.

Outsourced IT Support: Advantages

Outsourcing IT services is becoming more popular among many businesses for several good reasons. Here are some of them:

Benefit from cost-effective IT solutions

Hiring an IT support staff is rather costly. And if you did hire an impeccable Kent IT support team, to make sure your they are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in their field, training is inevitably needed. These expenses can be avoided if you will resort to getting cost-effective solutions from a third-party company.

Have an access to a wide array of IT services

If you have your own IT support team, they may be too confined within the services that you need, hindering them to develop a culture of innovation. Firms who offer IT support often have a broad range of services and skillset that can give a significant leverage to your company.

Helps your IT Department to focus on the bigger picture

If you have an external team that can handle IT-related repairs and support services, you are actually giving an opportune time for your own IT Department to actually focus on their core jobs.

Receive proactively-done reports

Third-party IT support Kent teams usually offer proactive monitoring and reporting in their packages. This way, you can easily detect IT weakness spots like aging hardware and expiring warranties among others.

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