8 Tips How To Develop A Cyber Security Culture In The Office

When developing a cybersecurity culture in the office, the recognition of those who are tech savvy is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone follows suit. Kent IT services can help implement a cybersecurity feature that can secure the office, but it is ultimately up to the staff to remain that way.

1. Hire tech-savvy candidates

If you are just starting out or in the process of hiring candidates for certain positions in the office, now is the time to hire tech-savvy ones. Removing the "how?" From the vocabulary of everyone in the office is going to make the implementation of cybersecurity measures by the IT team much smoother.

2. Ensure that leaders take charge

The leaders in the office should be the one demonstrating what it means to be secured in relation to their computer files. Making sure that those who nurture their fellow employees are actually informed regarding the many ways to promote cybersecurity is a must.

3. Information is the key

Simply putting out a memo telling everyone to do a specific order of tasks to secure their computer might work for some, but it is not always the best case scenario. You should strive to inform everyone regarding the benefits as well as the pitfalls of not being secured.

4. Implement tougher security protocols

When it comes to cyber security, tougher is better. Instead of having files easily accessible by everyone in the office, the files should only be given to those who actually would have had the physical privilege of receiving them. Ensuring that important data does not get in the wrong hands is vital for cybersecurity.

5. Provide training and seminars

Although it can feel a bit labor intensive, training employees and requiring them to attend seminars on how to be more responsible with tasks concerning IT will open their minds to the implementation and enhancement of cyber security culture in the office. It is also another way to figure out who’s technically more capable.

6. Encourage reporting and archival of data

Reporting any incidents whether through a support ticket or even just by word of mouth is essential. Something like a suspicious file that may go unreported may turn out to be something that a hacker uses as a backdoor to the server of the office.

7. Recognize the most secured departments

Gamification is a great way to ensure that the office is always at peak condition. When the aspect of Kent IT services is gamified, employees are going to feel a lot more competitive in making sure that they are within the top department when it comes to cybersecurity.

8. Leave behind archaic methods

Nowadays, the very first step in promoting cybersecurity is actually the step that many companies can’t seem to take: going paperless. It may be daunting to do especially with the number of files already on paper, but it is necessary to divert everyone’s focus on a method that can be secured digitally.
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