6 Types of Coworking Space That You Must Know Today

6 Types of Coworking Space That You Must Know Today

While the 90s was the birth time for the Internet and the 2000s for smart phones, the 2020s is, one can say, for the rise of coworking workspace. Although the idea of coworking is as old as the Internet, people immensely realized its significance post COVID19 pandemic when businesses from across the world took the hits like never before. You may be a small businessman or owning a large enterprise, hiring a coworking space is turning out to be a logical choice today.

These spaces are flexible, eco-budget, catering to your exact business requirements. This is why they are posing a great threat to conventional, traditional offices. Laced with the spanking new amenities, custom-styled fit-outs and flexible terms, you get a coworking space for everything that your business needs. The issue is…how to identify the one that feeds your needs. Following are the five basic types of coworking space that will make your basics stronger before you search and start calling them for inquiries.

Open Office Workspace:

- It is the most common type of coworking space that is not commonly made for one client (an organization hiring the space), but for many.

- It focuses on those open to collaboration.

-While it offers economic perks, it lacks in privacy since it creates a collaborative environment.

Premium All-service Workspace Rental

- It offers amenities, convenience, luxury and perks like membership or association benefits for a premium price.

- Such workspaces offer additions like commercial kitchens, foods, automatic drink vending machines and so forth.

- Like open workspaces, these spaces are also a little more open, vibrant, well-lit and energetic. 

- It also creates a sense of collaboration, partnership and shared ideas

Corporate Workspace

- It is made for corporate organizations looking for an eco-budget space for their larger teams.

- It offers a professional work ambiance coupled with much needed privacy

- It is not suitable for small start-ups, individuals and freelancers that hunt for collab deals.

Private Workspace

- It offers a coworking space with a traditional office touch.

- It is made for the organizations that prefer a single private space within the shared office space or the entire floor.

- It offers everything like lockable doors, space for branding, meeting rooms, conference rooms and other facilities exclusively made and unique for the organization.

- It costs more than the common coworking space.

Managed Office Space

- It is a full-service office space catering to all business requirements.

- It offers a 360 degree business admin-management support and services.

- The service provider does everything. They scout a suitable office location, design the office layout, take care of legal registration and licensing processes, handle your office with in-house management team.

-You focus on your business goal and they manage your office. That's the mantra.

Virtual Office Workspace

- It is address without physical presence of an office.

- It is made for small businesses and solo start-ups seeking a professional office without the costly infra setups.

- It offers a space for physical address important for GST registration, postal communication (getting mails), call answering and forwarding, and booking the meeting rooms.

Are you now clear with the coworking office space and its shades? Given the post pandemic business environment, subscribing to the idea of coworking is not at all. In fact it is the most sensible choice amid the times of economic crisis wherein everyone is striving to keep their business on the survival mode. It makes sense to research well, ask around, use your due diligence, and understand your exact business needs and then plan to rent the best possible coworking solution for your professional goals.

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