Why Switch to Sandwich for Breakfast try tasty Meduvada at home

Why Switch to Sandwich for Breakfast try tasty Meduvada at home

If you are exhausted of the regular old breakfast or lunch recipes, what about trying south Indian delights out? This article will assist you with the recipe of Meduvada which is very one of a kind thus far superior from just a sandwich.

The morning meal that you for the most part take, is it constantly solid for your family, and not in the slightest degree exhausting? Sandwich on the everyday schedule can get boring and Poha can get repetitive. So what all choices do you have? What about taking a stab at something that is flavorful and not under any condition boring as it very well may be served with different dishes?

What we are discussing is a morning meal delicacy which is commonly refreshing in South India. The meduvada recipe may get one of your preferred breakfast choices all things considered. What's more, in the event that you take a look at the ingredients, they are effectively accessible in your kitchen. If not, dial your close by market and request them now.

Ingredients of Meduvada Recipe

  • Ural Dal
  • Suji
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Curry Leaves
  • Oil for frying

So as to set up the soft and fresh meduvada, there are two primary ingredients that will assist us with it: suji to make the vada firm and soda for feathery surface. We should begin with the methods.


Soal the white ural dal overnight.Next morning, crush dal with squeeze of salt and water in the pounding container. The batter ought to be of pouring consistency, so add the water in like manner.


Move the batter in a bowl and add suji and squeeze of preparing pop. Now blend it well, and leave it for 5 minutes for the batter to ferment


In the interim, take a profound bottomed vessel and fry the oil.


When the oil is hot, move the batter in the vada container and push the donut molded vada straightforwardly in the oil. Be cautious about the oil that it doesn't spill on you. Now once the vada turns golden, take it out and serve this recipe of Meduvada with hot sambar and on the side of coconut chutney.

You can pan fry them into pieces with the tadka of curry leaves and mustard seeds. Or on the other hand else just serve them and blend in with pureed potatoes and appreciate a few cutlets. Offer this recipe for your kids and let them enjoy a solid breakfast or early lunch recipe as well.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Robert and I am a big fan of South Indian food. So once I tried meduvada recipe for my family and they loved it. My kids often ask me to cook and not my wife, which is really a proud moment.

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