Why are wrinkles on face before age and rid of it?

Why are wrinkles on face before age and rid of it?

It is not a big deal to have wrinkles on face with age. But sometimes there are wrinkles on the face before age. Usually, polymers and excess sun exposure are considered to be the reason, which is not correct. Apart from this, some other reasons can also be responsible for causing wrinkles at an early age. Today we will tell you some time before due to wrinkles and some domestic tips, which can save you from this problem.

Due to wrinkles before age

Ready skin causes of wrinkles: The main reason for premature irritation is the loss of skin moisture. Whenever the skin loses its moisture, wrinkles begin to fall in that area.

Not getting good nutrition: With more carbohydrate and low nutritious food, the body does not get the beneficial nutrition. It causes the body to feel compulsive, whose effect is visible on the skin.

Smoking: Smoke from cigarette is the biggest cause of wrinkles. Due to this, the skin is not supplied with blood and oxygen supply, which is the biggest cause of wrinkles.

Cooking less water: Drinking plenty of water does not help the skin hydrate and the skin start to dry. Due to skin dryness, wrinkles fall quickly.

Recause of being in the sun: Those who live in the sun for too long, their skin also begins to lose moisture soon. Due to this skin gets damaged by wrinkles.

Skin Care Products: Frequent skin care products are used to change or overuse skin damage and cause wrinkles on the face.

Large sugar intake: The excess sugar produces the process of oxidation, consisting of proteins in the body. This causes skin cells to become weak and wrinkles begin to grow.

Home remedies for removing wrinkles

Coconut Oil: Massage the coconut oil before bedtime and wake up in the morning and clean it with water. By doing this daily wrinkles will disappear.

Vitamin E capsule: Being rich in the properties of hydrating and antioxidant, it gives the skin moisture and freshness, which does not cause wrinkles problem. For this, leave the nitamin e capsule gel and leave it for a few hours and then clean it with fresh water.

Apple Vinegar: Apple vinegar keeps the balance of the PH in the skin, thereby eliminating the problem of wrinkles. Mix vinegar and honey with apple and apply it on the face and neck. Then let it dry and wash with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.

Petroleum Jelly: As well as removing wrinkles, it also makes use of skin glowing. This keeps moisture in the skin, eliminating the problem of wrinkles.

Evocado: Mask the Avocado's pulp on the face and neck before bathing. Then clean it with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes. Apply this mixture 1-2 times a week. It also removes wrinkles and preserves skin glow.

Also, You can consult with the best Dermatologist in Jaipur, and take some proper prescription to reduce the deep wrinkles and folds.

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