What Maaji Designer Swimwear has to Offer

Whether you are shopping for a designer swimsuit or a cover up to wear to the beach Maaji swimwear has exactly what you are looking for. With swimsuits to fit not only every style but every budget as well, Maaji swimwear is the go to place for high fashion, low price swimwear. When you order a Maaji swimsuit not only do you get a fabulous looking top but you will also get matching bottoms so you don’t have to worry about them not matching when you get them.

The prices of designer swimsuits can run very high on certain websites and even higher if you are purchasing them from a high end store. Maaji swimwear has swimwear that won’t break the bank but are just as high quality and beautiful as any other outlet. The price of Maaji swimwear can range anywhere from $74 to around $175. This is around what it would cost you to get a swimsuit at a department store, but you are getting a designer swimsuit.  You are getting something that is quality made and amazing to look at.

Maaji swimwear carries multiple styles of swimsuits from two piece bikinis to one piece swimsuits and they even have cover-ups. Currently Maaji carries over ten styles of swimsuits and more than ten styles of cover-ups. They have a style for anyone to choose from. They have the classic triangle bikini in many different prints and colors with matching bottoms as well. Also included in the line are bandeau style tops with and without straps. One of the great things about Maaji swimwear is that many of the styles that are in the 2013 line is that many of them are reversible. You are getting two swimsuits for the price (and when packing, space) of one.

Not only does Maaji include amazing swimwear in their collection, they also have many styles of cover-ups to pick from. They have the classic dress style cover-up, the Ivory Glory, which can be worn from home or hotel rooms to the beach or even just from the change room to the pool. Also included is some less classis dress style cover ups that could even be worn for a short walk through a beach town. They also include a very attractive pant style cover up that can be worn if you are looking for a little modesty but don’t want to cover your beautiful designer swimsuit. If you are just looking for a way to get out of the sun for a minute or two they have a hooded shirt that can be worn with the pants or on its own to make a statement.

Whether you are looking for a designer swimsuit or a cover-up to get away from the sun, Maaji has something for you. The best part is that it will be affordable and will turn heads anywhere you go wearing it. You may look like you spent hundreds of dollars on it, but it can be your little secret that you got an amazing deal shopping for Maaji swimwear.


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