What is Thai Massage know types and techniques?

Massage is not only in Phuket, but also one of the most popular entertainers in Thailand. Everywhere you will see Massage Parlor and Signage Massage. Let's see what it is.

The cost of massage for one hour in Thailand varies from 200 to 1000 baht, depending on the type of massage you want to do and at the massage parlor level. It is best to go for a massage after 12 and 16 o'clock - this time it is very hot and sunbathing is dangerous, so massage is a good option to pass the time. Okay, or already in the evening from 21 to 24, if you are definitely not a fan to go deep.

So, what kind of massage can you enjoy? Moreover, You can enjoy your massage in Body massage in Jaipur.

1. Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Massage)

A session of this type of massage can last for 1 to 3 hours as per your wish. The massager will start stimulating from the bottom - feet - and gradually wakes up to the shoulder and neck and ends with his face and head. The aim of Thai massage is to stimulate some points, with the pressure on them, the work of various internal organs is active, improves blood circulation, improves nervous system and improves skin condition. To achieve the desired effect, massage therapists work with their hands, elbows and knees and feet.

You can adjust the pressure force during massage therapist to enjoy the massage. Easy to remember phrases, not strong - too much and not strong - will help you find the most comfortable effect.

2. Oil Massage

The main feature of this kind of massage is the use of various aromatic oils, which are rubbing in the body. The purpose of this massage is to relax the muscles as much as possible and to calm the nervous system.

3. Foot Massage

As it is well known on the feet of a person that there is a large number of biologically active points on which the effect affects the function of many organs. In addition, massage of the feet and ankles completely relieve stress, relieves fatigue and insomnia.

Massagers work on their hands and feet with wooden sticks so they can get excited. You can check here best Body Massage in Jaipur, to relax your body.

4. Head Massage

This kind of massage is useful for severe fatigue and persistent headache. Generally, 3 areas are massaged - neck, shoulders, and head, which helps to relax the muscles, improve blood flow and lymph circulation. In addition, the massage of these areas helps to relax the whole body and remove the feeling of stress and anxiety, activates the process of removing toxic substances from the body.

5. Herbal Massage

It is designed with the help of special herbal bags filled with herbs structure based on the purpose of the massage. Before the massage, the bags are boiled. Massively affecting the active point. Due to warming, the muscles relax, the skin becomes velvety, and temperature decreases on a point touch strengthen the immune system. This massage relieves stress from the nervous system, helps insomnia, chronic fatigue, and even fighting extra weight.

6. Body Massage

Exposure of the body is taken out by using soap peels. The whole body is massaged and each muscle gets relief. This is an unusual type of massage - it has been classified as erotic.

7. Massage after tanning (after sun massage)

Massage is done using special cooling oils, which relaxes the skin after exposure to sunlight. This massage can be done on the beach itself.

8. Fish Spa

Looks amazing spa treatments. In fact, it is peeling, but this small medicinal fish is made by Garr Rufa. Their size is only 3 centimeters, and they press the dead skin cells with their mouth. The process is very useful: the salvation of the fish is healing and promotes the treatment of small wounds, accelerates skin regeneration, and also treats fungus and psoriasis, and, of course, relieves tension and smooth Gives skin and pleasant sensations. Also, You can check here Best SPA in Jaipur.

This process cannot be enjoyed only in the spa, but for example in the Jang Ceylon Shopping Center - 150 baht is spent in 15 minutes of the process.

You can choose any kind of massage and during the rest, you can do the full course or you can try it every day. New species massage Okay, that you can do it every day. Treat yourself and your body!

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