What are the top automation testing trends to look for in 2024

What are the top automation testing trends to look for in 2024

In 2024, automation testing is expected to witness significant advancements driven by emerging technologies and evolving industry practices. Here are the top automation testing trends to look out for in 2024:

1. Test Automation Driven by AI:
Automation testing companies will continue to change as a result of AI and machine learning, which will make it possible to create intelligent test cases, use predictive analytics to find defects, and optimise autonomous test execution.

2. Platforms for Autonomous Testing:
The use of AI capabilities to automate end-to-end testing procedures, such as test case development, execution, and analysis, will make autonomous testing platforms more popular. This will decrease the need for manual intervention and speed up testing cycles.

3. Over-Automation:
Through the use of RPA, test automation, AI-driven automation, and other technologies, hyper-automation will allow businesses to automate testing workflows and complicated business processes, increasing productivity and flexibility.

4. Testing for shifts left and right:
In order to uncover flaws earlier, increase quality, and improve user experience, shift-left and shift-right testing procedures will continue to grow, with an emphasis on early and continuous testing throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

5. Testing across platforms and browsers:
Automation testing company will give cross-platform and cross-browser testing priority due to the variety of devices and browsers available. This will guarantee consistent functionality and user experience across various situations.

6. Automation of Test Data:

The automation of test data will become essential, as technologies for automation will make it easier to generate, provision, and manage test data in order to enable thorough and effective testing procedures.

7. Testing with Little or No Code:
As low-code/no-code testing platforms become more popular, test automation will become more accessible to non-technical users by enabling them to write and run automated tests without requiring advanced coding knowledge.

8. In DevOps, continuous testing:
With automated testing at every level of the development process, continuous testing will be smoothly integrated into DevOps pipelines, providing immediate feedback and continuous delivery of high-quality software.

9. Testing for Compliance and Security:
In order to reduce risks and guarantee data protection and privacy, automation testing will increasingly include security and compliance testing techniques, such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and regulatory compliance testing.

10. Testing AI Ethics:
A major area of attention will be ethical AI testing, which will address biases and ethical issues in automated decision-making algorithms while guaranteeing fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI-driven testing procedures.

In conclusion, AI-driven technologies, autonomy, hyper-automated, and a move towards early and continuous testing procedures will define automation testing in 2024 and allow organizations to produce high-quality software effectively and efficiently.

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