Uber conspires with Jet Airways to boost up its annuity

Jet Airways an airline based in India which serves for both local and international routes. Initially, it started its movements as an air taxi operator in the year 1993 literally with four aircraft. In its early days, the gigantic company started with twenty-four flights per day across twelve terminal points. At the present, it operates over three hundred and twenty daily flights.  In March 2005, the company listed its equity dividend on the terms of Stock Exchange of India Limited in a national level.

The gigantic Airways Company connects about forty-nine destination globally, in which about forty-four terminal points are within India and the other five international destinations include regions like London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Kathmandu, and Colombo. There are several distribution suppliers at an international level and also includes multiple reservations, ticketing networks.

There are several travel agents and sales agents domestically and also at the international level. It has several tie-ups with different airline companies like British Airways, Swiss International etc. At present, the partnership is going on with car rental companies and also telecommunication companies including the service providers.

The company has achieved many awards at the global level. An amazing thing is that it has continually won the Domestic Airline award for about four times since its launch. In the year 2003 and 2004, it has won the Excellence and Technical Despatch awards respectively.

In India, the company holds a thirty-six percent share in the terms of revenue passenger. After the commencement of the local operations, the company started its international operations in the year 2004. The involvement of the international operations to the company’s total revenues has registered an incremental growth.

More recently, the company has reinforced its market position of leadership band also maintain its customer relationship in a well-behaved manner. A new system which is called as the Service Tracker is meant to collect the feedback from the passengers within a short period of time. This tracking system helps to improve the quality aspects like performance in the real time, meals etc.

The company has introduced a system to book the tickets on the airline website. The folks can book, pay, and print the Jet Airways e-ticket from any terminal globally and travel with theses tickets across its network. The main target of brand value is to provide all the facilities to its passengers.

Jet Airways in several Countries

Jet Airways in the EU

The Jet Airways entered the European Union in the year 2005, with the aid of its maiden flight. In the year 2006, the company produced two-third of its international revenues from its UK operations. The main headquarters for its ticketing offices are located at London in UK and Brussels in Belgium. It has increased its growth in term of revenue because of its partnership with Swiss and the Austrian Airlines.

Jet Airways in the UK

There are several source points like Mumbai, Delhi, and Amritsar in India to reach its terminal point London. In this criterion, the load factor is about seventy percent and the company has acquired about twenty percent market share.

Special Services of Jet Airways

In order to earn a good name from the public, the company has to meet some specific needs of the passengers. Mainly, special attention should be given to the younger supporters of Jet Airways. The handicapped passenger looks for a comfortable and safe journey without any difficulties. The pregnant ladies can also travel in the Jet Airways flights and all the safety measures are available in case of any emergency.

What are the major factors for success?

India has become one of the flexible regions for the several organizations including the multinational companies and the automobile industries have planned to broadcast their operations and execute their ideas. Day by day the investment by the foreign firms in India is increasing to the peak level. Most of the European teams are investigating for the alliances with that of the Indian Enterprises.

This has resulted in the more demand for the airways to India and the Jet Airways is mainly focusing on expanding its international operations to the European Union and the other regions.  With the aid of the international movements, Jet Airways has got more count of the huge number of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who are living in the USA and the European countries.

It has a high level of hold in the abroad because of its increasing its established brand name in the local and the international markets. The Reforms of the Indian Judicial Government has given its hand to the growth of Jet Airways.  The foreign investment range has been increased from forty percent to forty-nine percent has increased the growth of the Jet Airways in both local and the international markets.

The Indian Tourism Industry is also one of the main factors for the growth of the International Airways to India. From the year 2004, expenditure was estimated at about nine percent for the decade. A report says that about thirty-three percent tourists in India were from the foreign countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. Because of the major reason of the strong cultural links between India and UK, there was about three lakhs folks visited India. The Indian Tourism Industry is one of the best industries who helped the big airlines company to increase its international movements.

Plans to be executed in Future

The gigantic Airline Company has decided to widen its international movements in the UK and The Asian Countries. Its next move is to increase its frequency of flights to its old terminal points and also start operations to the new places. By joining hands with its established local network the company would strengthen its operations at an international level. The fact is that the purchased aircraft cannot be used in the domestic routes it can be used only in the international routes due to some technical reasons. It also has planned to develop its own pilot training center.  The size of the aircraft has also been decided to increase the fleet size of 53 to that of 79.

Jet Airways joins hands with Uber

The gigantic Airline System ties up with the famous US based ride-sharing company in order to develop its business. The Jet Airways gives the folks a choice to use the service of the ride-sharing company Uber in order to travel from the airport once the people booked a ticket on the Jet Airways application. This initiative from the airline offers the folks an instant solution. The passengers booking their flights on the app and consuming Uber for the first time can get an amazing discount offer of one hundred and fifty rupees only for the first three rides. This discount can be received by using the promo code JETUBER. This partnership has been brought into effect for about twenty-nine cities and request Uber once the folks book the flight. The cab booking feature is available to all the Jet Airway’s folks in the almost all the regions where the ride-sharing Company Uber is operated in India at the present while booking their travel journey with the airline on the Jet Airways App.


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