Top Five Features of a custom mural that increase property value

Top Five Features of a custom mural that increase property value

Tamara Hergert, a prominent Seattle Artist, is giving tips on the Top Five Features of a custom mural that increase value of your house or commercial space. Here is what Tamara has to share with us:

“When working with Clients on developing a sketch for a Mural project, my main priority is to make the Clients’ vision come to life, while helping the property value increase. This rule applies to both residential and commercial spaces. Aside from, the Artist’s skill and experience, there are Top Five things that make or break a mural:

  1. Mural color palette needs to support with the rest of the interior décor. The mural is a form of artwork that is immobile part of the interior design and décor, so thinking the mural idea through during the sketch phase of the project, should take care of the color palette blunders and give the Client a peace of mind. I personally, prefer toning down any pallete to more pastel colors, as pastels are more pleasing to the eye and makes the mural more neutral increasing the value of the space.

  1. Mural shape and design should feel natural in the room, spread partially across several walls, so it does not feel like a wall paper print with its rigid rectangular shape. The best thing about creating a custom mural is that you can really transform the space and make it one of a kind by playing around with different compositional tricks and mural shapes. By spreading the mural onto the adjacent walls or by getting rid of the square shape and replacing it something more imaginative and visually interesting, the Artist can integrate the mural into the design and make it look natural. My favorite thing that I’ve heard from a lot of my Clients is, “it looks as if the mural has always been here!”

  1. Mural theme needs to appeal to a wide range of audiences. This may seem to be a hard one to achieve, but as a Mural Sketch designer I’m free to steer the overall design of the mural in the direction that will look visually stunning and be very functional. Functionality is one of the biggest things that I am concerned when designing a mural, as most of the times there is furniture that goes against the wall or a high traffic area that I want to make so that it can withstand the test of time. When visiting the space for the first time, I take the necessary measurements, talk to the Client, and ask questions about their vision for the project, existing furniture or furniture that they are thinking of purchasing, fabrics selection and other items of decor.

  1. Make personalizations easily removable (use removable vinyl stencils for names and quotes).” This is easily achievable by ordering a custom stencil online. The flexibility this option gives is invaluable, as all the signage, names, monograms, etc. should be removable to make sure that the mural withstands the test of time and the real estate market.

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