Top 9 App Development Companies In The USA

Mobile apps and mobile app development companies are the new trends. However, finding out the appropriate mobile app development company is a tough task specifically when you require the complete task. Thus, seeking the top mobile app developers in the USA is not an easy task as America is one of the largest hubs in terms of mobile app development services.

In order to make this complicated task easy, best mobile app development companies list of USA has been prepared by thoroughly analyzing and researching each of the participating companies in America. Hence, you can simply pick the best app development company in the USA for your entire mobile app development project from the list given.

List of 9 top most mobile app development companies in the USA

  1. OpenX cell

Open x cell is one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA. It is popularly known for offering unique solutions and involving various mobile apps. OpenX cell is popular for providing one of the best app development services in terms of app space with its incredible competencies backed up by a world-class team of mobile app developers and designers.

  1. The Nine Hertz

The Nine Hertz is a leading mobile app development firm that provides development based on a web application, mobile app, and digital marketing solutions. The company was established in the year 2008 having headquartered in Jaipur and consisting of 50- 200 employees. The Nine Hertz also provides end to end support for the Sales team platform. In addition to this, they also offer mobile and website development services along with services in the developing technologies.

  1. Consagous technologies

Consagous is a standard mobile app company with skilled competencies in iPhone, Android, Windows and Hybrid Mobile App development. The firm has almost 10 years of experience in offering a powerful mobile solution to customers all around the world. It offers full development for mobile apps from its offices in Texas, Melbourne, and India. The technological team of the company confirms in time services with measurable mobile app developments.

  1. Contus

Contus, a SMACT driven digital app development company, has been a festive campaigner in terms of mobile app development. With an experience of more than 9 years, this mobile app development is located in the USA at Georgia and California. The latest expertise of the company is IoT, Wearables, Augmented interface, and apps based on Beacons. Along with an exclusive and committed mobile app development on the basis of native coding and Xamarin cross-platform, the company is one of the major players in our list.

  1. Savvy Apps

Savvy Apps is a mobile application development company located in Virginia, USA. The company has various expertise teams for regional development of the app, back process development, improved experience of the user, visual design and marketing facilities etc. The Savvy apps are specialized in establishing apps for the start-up, marketing and involvement process which focuses on the productivity of the business.

  1. Envative

Envative provides web and mobile app designing related services wherein the focus of the company is IoT based development. However, Envative is one of the iPhone app development firms in the USA which creates B2B mobile apps, social media apps and company level interaction that helps in developing a collaboration of team.

  1. Appsquadz

Appsquadz is a multinational mobile app development organization which is amongst the most experienced competitor in the market and among the top 9 app development companies in the USA. The organization offered more than 350 apps which have almost more than 5 million active users.

The company has successfully earned the titles of Google certification in terms of app development and clutch app developers in the globe. Appsquadz is one of the most reliable companies among all the app development companies in the USA. The company offers specialized services related to iPhone app development, iPad app development, Android app development as well as windows app development.

  1. Willow Tree Apps

This is another most popular and well-known companies in the field of technology services, digital framework and product development strategy. In this aspect, Willow Tree Apps is the frontrunners in the list of the top 9 app development organization in the USA.

The company also claims that they have expertise services in terms of the commercial and retail industry where the apps are built for regular purposes and being utilized by millions of users. Media streaming is another strong field of the company.

  1. Innovation M

Innovation M is one of the best androids and mobile app development organization in the USA. The firm offers a wide dimension of facilities on SAAS development for both the platforms.

Innovation M has the consulting team which tends to offer expert advice, quotes and growth ideas for iOS, android, windows, HTML5, PhoneGap and Sencha based apps. Since inception, this company has proved its capabilities by bringing many start-up ideas in reality. Backed up with a very capable team of designers, this company is certainly a worthy mention to our top 9 mobile app development company list in the USA.


Apart from all the above app development companies, there are thousands of other mobile app development companies in the USA. However, choosing the appropriate mobile app development organization from amongst these companies could only be determined by the productive mobile business and ineffective strategy for the company. These data have analyzed and ranked the topmost mobile app development companies in the USA to assist the potential customers to make an informed decision.

The list has been concluded on the grounds of three performance parameters including quality, reliability, and capability. If you are seeking top firms offering services in mobile app development in the USA, check this page.

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