Mens Leather Wallet Thinnest Slim Wallet By Slender Snake

Mens Leather Wallet Thinnest Slim Wallet By Slender Snake

Slender Snake designed Mens functional leather thinnest wallet (0.70 cm Thickness) for the Modern world usage and Proudly made in India for the World.

Slender Snake presents pure leather men’s leather wallet with professional and traditional design. This Slim wallet made with pure high quality leather outside and Polyester lining cloths inside.

The Professional Slim Wallet for Men is introduced with very unique colors and shining will appear so awesome as the texture of the leather designed to give you a very unique and class look.

Slender Snake professional wallet is one of the greatest wallet crafted ever. This wallet is so thin and classy. This design is so good that people from the whole world loves this design and style so much.

Our wallet is designed by one of the best wallet designers and leather craftsman who are experienced more than 15 years in the leather industry and are super rich and choosy in selection and performing their actions. Wallet is purely hand stitched and made so smooth finish that all products are crafted in India under very strict quality channel.

In this era of Minimal world we introduced you to the Best selling Minimalist Wallet By Slender Snake. This wallet has a very unique style and has capacity just what your pocket requires.

Most of the youngsters now just keeping cards and very little cash so we have designed the wallet unique for such youngsters and mostly all the adults. It has unique opening and style that will not create bulk in your pocket.

Our checkered Unisex bifold wallet features 10 card slots and 1 zippered pocket to carry mobile, cash, coins and other accessory. This functional wallet with a snap to buckle up is perfect to organizer all your personal essentials. Useful every-day carry for you to put all your cards, IDs, receipts, tickets and other small items securely.

Handmade leather wallet is made with premium distressed leather. It has been our one of the best selling wallet for many years now.

The thread here we using is very high quality and this is matching to the leather we are using and it looks wallet a finish looks which make sit look good and suits on your personality. Our threads pass through very high quality checking and then we use them for products.

We are using buffalo leather here and this is one of the finest leather used. For this particular fantasy we found this leather after a very long time from different regions of the world and we gathered it and then we crafted it in to a one very unique and stylish piece for the real life living legends.

In this world, people needs wallet which can accommodate lots of things in wallets like more than 10 cards and many cash notes and bank slips with visiting cards and many more. Here is the Cargo Professional Slim Wallet which can include all those belongings easily.

Opens Double Side: This cargo wallet opens on both sides and wallet can be easily used that you can first use on separate side. It will be good that you can put things differently so you can use it good. And there are two way opening side by side.

Cargo Yet Compact: This wallet is so huge from inside and we made so technical research on angles and we made this wallet technically best so its huge by larger capacity and by design this is very compact wallet. So our wallet is surely can be used as Cards but our design is very compact.

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