How to work CCTV Camera and its technology?

How to work CCTV Camera and its technology?

Today, the cameras have become quite powerful in the Smartphone but these cameras allow you to take better pictures when you have complete information about the camera feature. Next we have given full details about camera features and have explained its use as well.

  1. Megapixels

Today, people just imagine the camera capability of seeing megapixel. The camera creates a photo based on small dot, which is called pixels. When the number of them in the creation of the picture is in the millions, then it is called megapixel. The more pixels you use in a camera picture creation, the better will be said. It is measured according to the dot inches per inch.

  1. Image sensor

The image sensor in the camera is normally connected with pixels but it is not. Any information that comes with the camera lens is recorded on the image sensor. The larger the image sensor the picture will be as good. You can also understand it as to why the DSLR camera makes a bigger picture than the camera of the same megapixel camera. Because the big sensor is used in it. You must have heard the name of the CCD in the DSLR camera. Three CCD Image Sensors are used in a great camera. Today, the Smartphone camera also mentions manufacturer censors.

  1. Lens

You can see the lens as a camera eye. Without a lens the camera cannot be imagined. The better the quality of the lens in the phone, the better it will be able to take a better picture. The focal length of the lens is measured by MM. 24mm, 50mm and 70mm focal length, etc. Used with the camera. There are many companies, including Curls and Sony for mobile phones that work to make lenses.

  1. Shutter speed

The shutter speed in the camera is also very important. Shutter speed is measured on a per second basis. Shutter speed comes from the time that light can reach the image sensor inside the camera. Shutter speed is set on auto and manual basis. Shutter speed will be faster in high light while slow down in low light.

  1. Focus

To take a picture when you focus the camera on a subject and make it clear and clear it is called Focus. The camera has simple autofocus, fixed focus and manual focus feature. During autofocus, where you touch on the screen, the camera cleans the subject matter and blurs the things behind which you can clearly see in the picture. At the same time, there is a focus on the screen in the fixed focus, you cannot blur or focus any one. A green box is created on the screen of photography and it clears the area. It's amazing for autofocus. The Touch Focus feature has also been provided in touch screen phones where one can take a clear and clear picture of a subject by touching on the screen.

  1. Storage

Storage memory capacity where you can keep the picture safe, the more memory you can keep, the more pictures you can keep.

  1. Image Stabilization

The picture is not clear when moving on hand during photography, in which image stabilization helps in a clear and clear picture. In this, the image is stabilized with the help of software.

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