How to Enhance the Domain Authority of a Website

Every website has domain associated with it. The term is mostly by Digital marketing executives; however, there is not any clear definition as to what it means. In broad terms, it refers to how strong the domain is in terms of rankings in search engines results. Domain Authority however is commonly associated with the site’s ranking authority according to Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Domain Authority is usually measured in the scale of 0-100. The open Site explorer rates the domain according to various metrics like the number of Links, quality and authoritativeness of the links and so on and so forth.

 Why Does Domain Authority Measures?

In the past, SEOs and web users relied on Google Page rank to determine the trustworthiness of a page or site. The pages were ranked on a scale of 0 to 10 where established sites having many links from reputed websites shared the top positions whereas newer sites with fewer links featured lower down the order. Google has barred public access to page Rank Ratings but they still use it in their internal process.

 Tips to Increase Domain Authority

 There are many ways to increase Domain Security rating and SEO of your website:

  1. Optimize Your Internal Links

While it is tough to control the different aspects of SEO, internal linking is one of the area where you can definitely focus on. Having quality internal links have the ability to deliver quality user experience by directing your visitors to attractive contents which will only increase user stickiness and boost the ranking of your website.

  1. Create Tons Of Link Worthy Content

Creating quality content is the best way to increase the Domain Authority of a website and increase the SERP or the Search Engine Results Page. Without good content no other site will have reason to associate or refer to your site. This will never increase your rating and only downgrade the ranking of your website.

  1. Run A Link Audit To Eradicate Bad Links

Having authoritative inbound links will be meaningless if you have a damaging links pointed at your site. Most of the business forget and encounter it when they come across one and hit a manual link penalty. This is the reason why carrying out such audit on Links is so important. There are a variety of tools that will show all the backlinks that is associated with the site. Go through all the links that are seen on the website and keep a watch out for site-wide links and links with suspicious anchor text.

Domain Authority is the best way to understand the competitiveness of your website as a whole and will give you a understanding of who your competitors are and what are the keywords to target for.

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