How to Convert Outlook to PDF with Attachments

How to Convert Outlook to PDF with Attachments

Day by day, everything is going digital. Be it from submitting forms, applications and sharing all other information, everything is getting done online. Keeping this in mind, the major issue for exchanging data online is its safety. Also, the portability of documents without any data loss is very important. Portability is an important feature which makes it very easy for the user to access the documents any time, anywhere. Not all file formats are portable. The users who use Outlook as their emailing platform, face the difficulty where they cannot send/ transfer their email files directly to others.

MS Outlook does not support the feature of portability. Here the users cannot move their email message files without converting them in a portable file format. Due to the unavailability of this feature, users face problems to convert Outlook to PDF with attachments and print them.

Know about MSG and PDF File Formats

An MSG file is an outlook email file along with attachments. It is saved in a standard Outlook format and can be further opened using Outlook. An MSG file can be viewed in any text editor also. It contains fields like sender, date, recipient, subject, message body.

A PDF which stands for Portable Document Format is a platform-independent file format which a user either views or uses. It may contain links and buttons, video, audio. It is used to display documents in an electronic form. Pdf is in the form of an electronic image which can easily be sent, received, read, forwarded to other users.

Why users Export Outlook Messages to PDF?

1. Lawyers generally prefer the evidence in a PDF file format as it is a safe and non-editable format.

2. In forensic investigations also, PDF format is used for any documentation.

3. Students, teachers use PDF file format for their presentations, assignments, documents.

4. PDF files have a small size as compared to Outlook MSG files. This may be one of the reasons to convert Outlook MSG to PDF.

5. Many times, the users have MSG files with them. But on the other hand, they to not have MS Outlook to open those files. To get rid of such situations, users export emails from Outlook to PDF.

Solution to Convert Outlook Email to PDF With Attachments

The Outlook message to PDF converter is a reliable solution which can easily convert MSG files to PDF with attachments. The utility does the conversion while keeping all the data, fonts, text format intact throughout the conversion. Also, the tool can export emails from Outlook to PDF along with all the desired attachments. It does the conversions with all the associated attachments keeping them in their original formats only. It has an easy to use interface which is beneficial for normal users who do not have much knowledge.

Steps to Export Emails from Outlook to PDF

Download the tool.

1. Install and run the Outlook to PDF converter tool on your windows system by following some simple steps.

2. The tool to convert Outlook MSG to PDF has a dual selection mode to select Files and Folders. Select the Files/Folders you want to migrate.

3. While using the select folder option, all the MSG files of the selected folder are uploaded. Choose the required files to export emails from Outlook to PDF.

4. There will be a number of saving options like PDF, MSG, etc. Select PDF file format as the saving option here as you need to convert MSG files to PDF with attachments.

5. MSG to PDF converter software has a feature that provides a number of file saving options.

6. Now, choose the destination path to save the converted MSG to PDF files.

7. In batch mode, the Outlook message to PDF converter tool starts the migration. After completion of the process, the utility displays a completion message.

Features of Outlook Message to PDF Converter

1. Selective MSG to PDF Migration: The tool has a feature which lets you convert only selective MSG files to PDF. Only those files which the user wants to migrate can be converted.

2. Batch Convert MSG to PDF With Attachments: Batch migration of files is possible using this utility. The user can export multiple Outlook MSG files to PDF.

3. Export MSG to PDF With All Outlook Versions: The software supports the conversion of MSG to PDF from almost all the MS Outlook versions

4. User-Friendly Layout: The tool to convert MS Outlook MSG to PDF has a simple layout. It can be used by a non-technical user also.

5. Works with all Windows Versions: The MSG to PDF converter tool is supported by all the versions of Windows Operating System.

Closing Words

The Outlook MSG to PDF converter software is a one-stop solution to convert Outlook email to pdf with attachments. It has a number of features which make the tool more efficient. The software can easily convert all MSG files to PDF along with the attachments, without changing the format, layout, text of these attachments. It is a reliable tool which can do batch migrations also. It converts a single MSG file to a single PDF file. If you want to try the tool before investing in it, you can download the free DEMO version which can convert up to 25 MSG files to PDF with attachments.

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