How Hard is the CFA Level 2 Exam?

How Hard is the CFA Level 2 Exam?

If you have already passed the CFA Level 1 exam, you must know that it is a vast course that needs concentration, dedication, and hard work for success. Apart from these, you also need an accurate understanding of the CFA Level 2 course syllabus and its other details to tackle it better. If you are confused about how to prepare better for the CFA level 2, all you need is proper guidance through CFA level 2 coaching in Mumbai. 

Syllabus for CFA Level 2

CFA Level 2 syllabus is comprehensive and diverse. It includes several new topics that students don’t have much idea about. Also, Level 2 of CFA assesses students' conceptual and analytical capability. Some of the major topics included in the CFA level 2 syllabus are: 

  • Ethical and Professional Standards

  • Corporate Finance

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Economics

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning

  • Fixed Incomes

  • Derivatives

  • Alternative Investments

Some of the topics may appear known to you, but the concepts are quite new and diverse. The similar weightage to each subject makes CFA Level 2 even harder. It clearly means that you must pay equal importance to all the topics to perform better. 


Now that you have an idea of the CFA level 2 syllabus, it is imperative to understand how difficult CFA level 2 is. CFA level 2 is more challenging than CFA level 1. There are several reasons for this. The CFA level 1 includes topics that students have already learned in their under graduation. However, Level 2 introduces students to some core CFA concepts. The difficulty level of questions also amplifies in Level 2 because more analytical, conceptual, and case study-based questions are included. However, the best instructors of CFA coaching in Mumbai can make your CFA journey easier. 

CFA Level 2 Passing Rates

Before you know the statistics of passing rate, it is important to understand that not everyone who signs up for the CFA course appears in the Level 2 exam. Only the candidates who can pass the Level 1 exam successfully can appear in Level 2. That automatically streamlines the number of candidates appearing for the CFA level 2 exam. The average passing rate for the level 2 exam is 44%. That means  44 students out of every 100 students appearing for the level 2 exam can pass the exam successfully. 

Now you must have got a fair idea of the challenges in the CFA level 2 exam. Connect with the best CFA coaching in Mumbai to improve your CFA level 2 scores, enhance your proficiency, and ace the CFA course. 

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